Monday, August 16, 2010

A Reminder of Beauty

While looking through 100 Layer Cake's blog today I was struck by how beautiful the simplest things can be. It's always been what I'm drawn to, but seeing it done so well makes the hairs on my arms stand up. Isn't it so inspiring to see something like this? Just when I start to get down on design, or feel like no one is getting it, or me, I see beautiful cakes that I just want to put on my coffee table they are so pretty.

The cakes are from Magpie's Cakes in Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank you Veranda

Okay, so I know this house by Melanie Turner has been out in the blogger sphere for awhile now but I can't help posting on it.

Dara, thank you for publishing this gorgeous house! I can't wait to see what's next for Veranda. This gives me high hopes.

Love, love, love the neutral warm palette with pops of yellow.

Hello gorgeous floors. What's for dinner?

So pretty, I had to show another angle.

This kitchen is beyond. It will never go out of style with it's clean lines. Again, love the continuity with the pops of yellow.

Hello hallways. Love that she used different wainscoting treatments throughout the house. Some are casual and beachy while others are more formal.

Simple and relaxing master bedroom. I was expecting a little more pomp - but I love that she did the opposite of what I expected.

The daughters bedroom. The blue and green combination is so fresh. I'd love to add this green to my pale blue bedroom. This bedroom is dreamy - feminine yet tailored. Honey, what do you think?

The family room off the casual eating area and porch. This is one of my favorite rooms because of the color and energy. The Pottery Barn rug is fabulous. Wouldn't see any spills on that rug in my house. They'd be there, you just wouldn't see them!

Casual dining room. So serene. Perfect for my crazy boys!

Porch. Need I say more?

Lovely. Thanks again for pulling this off the shelf Veranda.
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