Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer - It's official

I love the 4th of July. Especially because in Seattle it means Summer has officially started.
So get out there with your friends and family and enjoy the long weekend. Take a break, breath in the fresh air, have a few laughs, take in the scenery...

Show some patriotic pride and decorate your house

Whether you're just lounging around letting the day unfold (which means reading home and fashion magazines to those who know me)

Or spending the weekend sailing

Or enjoying a bonfire and sparklers on the beach

Enjoy your long weekend. May it be restful and full of laughter, good friends and great food.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Workspaces: When they aren't pulling their weight...

I'm coming off of the weekend after massive organizing. Maybe I should even capitalize that since it feels like a capital-letter change. It's amazing what some tossing out can do to your sanity! I focused my energy on my office which had become overgrown with fabric memos, tile samples, invoices... woof, it was bad. Not to mention that some of my family's belongings had crept in, making me feel like I was absolutely going to go BONKERS because my workspace was feeling like it had too much going on to be productive. So this weekend, I adopted the motto of "Toss it! Toss it! Toss it!" and also created some better organized spaces.

I'm about to head to The Container Store to get the last of my systems in place, but a few huge changes to my office will include a console as you walk in and making my big worktable allergic to miscellaneous crap (It always seemed to find my piles of papers and filing... wonder how that happened...?) The console will hold magazines on the shelves and designated bins on the top for returns to the design center, mail, etc. right as I go out the door for errands and in the door with bags. And not having the magazines on my office shelves frees up room for more of my office paperwork. Things are feeling good... finally!

In the spirit of getting this space together, here is some inspiration pics for workspaces everywhere.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday fog

Excuse my last of posts... this past week has been my "summer Christmas" or week of birthday hell. In my family alone we have 5 birthdays from the 17th to the 24th. Not to mention that it was the last week of school! I'm exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.

I'll be back with some home posts as soon as I wake up out of my birthday fog.

Hope your start of summer vacation has been more relaxing than mine.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shopping Trip: Portland's Bedford Brown

Over Memorial Day weekend, we threw the kids in the car and got out of dodge. It was a last minute trip to Portland under the guise of my 10-year-old meeting up with buddies down there for a lacrosse tournament, but I had some other things on the brain -- hitting up my favorite Portland shops while the kiddies (and husband) tracked down Voodoo Donuts and played in the pool.

Every time I hit Portland (and yes, I do feel like it's a "hit" because I always seem to be short on time and end up barreling through the stores) I make sure to visit Bedford Brown. It's the best and it's so different every time. They pride themselves on turning things around quickly because they buy in low quantities, making it so it's always special and you get something that isn't at many places. My pictures will never do the store justice and I left out the AMAZING stoneyard portion of the shop with great concrete planters, Asian ceramics and garden objects (the good news is, last year I posted about it, so you can get a feel for the amazingness here).

I did, however, get a few shots of the greenhouse where fabulous plants can be found and the shop, which has lots of great stuff in right now.

The store is broken out in to different areas, so this is near the back as you transition from storefront to greenhouse -- it's a big white tented "outdoor" set-up.

I love this media cabinet. Awhile back, I desperately wanted a client to get it but she was nervous about getting it without seeing it in person... If only we had a Bedford Brown in Seattle...

This picture is being sent out to another client because I want that chandelier to go above her dining table -- how about it Keri? Ha!

Amazing, all of it -- the walls, the chairs, the turquoise.

These on either side of a door would be spectacular. I'm such a sucker for things like this. Add in some striped awnings and some topiaries and you could just stick a fork in me.

They just got new paint colors in and this coral in person is stunning.

I mean, come on.

Spotted! LBD in the PNW

Of course there are more black doors in Seattle, but I walked by this door in Laurelhurst the other day and I had to take a picture, because it's a perfect example of a pretty black door with lovely detailing. I'm bummed with myself for not centering the photo and getting a better picture, but I felt really stalker-ish and there were other people out and about who would have wondered what this crazy lady was doing taking pictures. That is the anti-hippy-dippy door.

Also, I had no idea when I did that post last week that one of my other favorite blogs had the same idea -- so head on over to Next Egg for more black door porn ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The LBD - Little Black Door

The LBD makes every house a little bit better in my opinion. It adds architectural detail and glamour all at once. It's a staple for the exterior...

I would be the happiest girl in the world to come home to this front door everyday. Turquoise and black. Wish there were more front doors done the English way and less Northwest hippy dippy.
Or double french doors instead of the standard six panel or craftsman door.

Hello double french doors, pea gravel and topiaries. Heaven.
The door elevates the entire house.

This picture needs no explanation.

But black doors really add drama and dimension to an interior space.

Amazing doors to an even more amazing closet.

Even barn doors look better in black.

These black french doors (instead of the usual white) make the black and white kitchen less predictable and add warmth.

These Windsor Smith rooms need no introduction. Her use of strong dark navy or black makes a statement and adds great architectural detail to the rooms.

So what are you waiting for - grab that can of black glossy paint and start transforming your drab white into the LBD.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Summer Somewhere...

I had to share this project with you because the wallpaper just went in on a powder room and it's SO pretty. I have to preface this by saying that this powder room has 14-foot ceilings, so even with the wainscotting, this was still 8 feet of wall that got wallpaper. Also, I had to document the amazing crown. With a ceiling height that high, we had to use some massive architectural details-- and with the great white semi-gloss, it absolutely shines. It's one of my favorite elements of the house. I'll have an update later with the mirror and complete shots of the powder. It's been really fun having a client who was game for such a great paper and every time we round the stairs in this new construction project and get a little peek of it when the door is open, it makes me smile.

(If you have questions about this wallpaper, email me!)
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