Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spotted: Paul Villinski & Beer Can Butterflys

My sister called me after Monday's episode of Gossip Girl raving about the new bedroom that (most likely) Christina Tonkin created for Serena's new college bedroom (let's look over the obvious fact that this is NO college bedroom) and instead I want to bask in all that is wheat colored grasscloth, wainscotting, upholstered green and white fabric bedframes and the most noticeable thing... art by Paul Villinski, commissioned for Gossip Girl

Please excuse the TERRIBLE iphone shot of the TV on "pause." It kills me because it's not even the best view of the installation, but that damn DVR refused to stop on the best millisecond of screen time and the episode is not available, nor are any pictures on google -- it also kills me that the walls read as pink, because they are the most wonderful, inviting wheaty-gold.

When I first saw this particular piece, I was reminded of the artist Andy Goldsworthy. If you're familiar with his work, he uses materials in nature to create a pattern like this from found and natural objects. A few examples are below, but really, photographs are all that a person could take home because it's all temporary and created in the environment.

So when Villinski's artwork was shown on GG, I was totally bananas for something that uses this design on a wall and is 3-dimensional. I think artwork in residential homes is so predictable sometimes, but something like this, it's amazing. Seeing his portfolio, it's pretty incredible what he does with (drumroll) aluminum cans. Yup, he makes every one of these butterflys from our old D-coke cans, using some metal snips and a lot of filing.

Wouldn't this be amazing in a child's bedroom?

This one above is actually made from vinyl records

A similar application as to Gossip Girl, but the difference between how the two rooms read is amazing: one comes off as potentially a little cold, whereas GG's was totally warm and chic.

So there it is. My mind is already spinning as to how I could do something similar in a room, potentially on wood panel for portability. Of course it's not Paul Villinski, but then again, I'm no Serena Vanderwoodsen, maybe someday, right?

p.s. I'm going to keep a lookout for photos of the bedroom from Episode 3, season 4 and update this post in the future if something turns up. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Weekend

It feels like Fall here in the Pacific Northwest. I love Fall. Don't get me wrong, I love Summer and this year I'm sad to see it go. Actually it never really came but that's another post. Fall is the time for me to organize the house, watch football and movies with the boys, and start my cooking marathon. I love to cook in the Fall. Maybe it has to do with the ritual of drinking a glass of red wine while I cook. Regardless, I love to make hearty fall and winter foods. Butter, salt and cheese are my middle name. Bottom line is I love to hunker down and hang out without feeling guilty that I should be outside.

What better place to do nothing and escape your everyday chores than a weekend getaway or 2nd home. Since I don't have a 2nd home so I thought I'd create my own mountain hideaway. I can smell the stew and the crackle of the fire (over the wrestling of the kids )

My dream mountain escape vehicle. These are a classic. Wish our Michigan friends still made them.

Home sweet home

Designer - Susan Tully
Dreamy mountain living room for when I need a serene moment...

But, being a Gemini, that mood can change in a instant and I'd want a more vibrant living room.

Designer - Ray Booth
Dream rustic, modern kitchen

Designer - Tom Shearer

Designer - Meg Braff
The perfect place to relax after a long day of snowshoeing or cooking. Not to pretty for my husband or the house.

Designer - Phoebe Howard
Bedroom for the boys. Yes, I would really make them sleep here. I want my boys rooms to be designed for me - not for them. Sorry boys.

I'd wrap up each night with friends and family at this magnificent outdoor fireplace.

Here's to dreaming.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So, last night was the first reveal of the Oval Office that was redecorated by famed interior designer Michael S. Smith. I have always admired Michael Smith for his warm, layered yet understated rooms. He has created a name for himself by creating homes that feel lived in and warm but not decorated straight from the showroom. I couldn't wait to see what he did for the Obamas.

Here's the oval office before the redecoration.

And after...

I have to same I'm underwhelmed. I'm the first to admit that I love a neutral palette. I've never been one to turn away a creamy caramel or taupe as the basis for the large pieces of furniture. But, I'm so surprised that there isn't any pop of color or his signature layered fabrics. Did the Obama's worry that the oval office would look too ethnic and therefore pulled Michael back? This room is crying for some pillows at the very least to infuse some personality. Or even some more texture. The start of the room is there but it just doesn't look finished.
I want this room to show some optimism and some fun. Right now it looks like the Bush's are still in the white house. Not the Obamas with their love of fashion (okay Michelle's love of fashion - Barack not so much), culture and the arts. This room is just too uptight for this young family.
Michael, please tell me you aren't finished... I want to see some of your fabulous signature Indian prints and florals.
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