Friday, April 19, 2013

Couldn't Resist...

It's a disgusting day outside again, but in here it's bright and cheery with pretty colors and flowers. Even Tilly needs a pop of color.

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Well Planned Guest Room

I'm still on my guest room kick. Having pulled together some of my favorites the other day, I thought it would be worth thinking about what it really is that goes in to a well thought-out guest room. I know that designers fall in to a class of people who are thought of as hard to please, and yes, maybe that's true. But really, design is about intention and attention (intention because everything should have a reason for being the way that it is & attention because life is lived in the details), so with those two things in mind we aren't such a hard group to channel.

For instance, we think about the way a room is used by those within it. In a living room, where will you put your glass? How far to the nearest outlet? I recently stayed in two hotel rooms with no outlets near the bed or outlets that were blocked by nightstands (what!?!). Explain to me how that works for travelers living and breathing by their cell phones?

So let's break it down.

A great looking bed frame: This is more for you than for your guests -- you deserve to have a room that looks great when you walk by and guests appreciate a finished space. It should be the focal point and always positioned directly across from the door (whenever possible) so it's the first thing you see. 

A well-made bed: With so many great options for sheets on the market, a great set is within reach. PB, Restoration, and West Elm are all great resources. Also, extra blankets nearby for people who run cold and a fan for people who run hot (and also need some white noise). 

Good lamps and nightstands: In this case, the nighstands function as dressers. Living out of a suitcase is sometimes unavoidable, but providing a way to make it more bearable is always appreciated. Being able to pull clothes out of a drawer makes you feel less frazzled and makes re-packing so much easier. 

A bench or chair: A place to put your shoes on is such a necessity. Full disclosure, I'm neurotic and hate sitting on a bed in street clothes, but I've surveyed people in the right company and found out I'm not alone... And this one here is an incredible price. 

Beside the bed: Flowers are a special touch and don't need to be fancy, but nothing makes a room that is ordinarily empty feel fresh and welcoming. It's also inevitable that when waking up in the morning at a good friend's house a hangover of some size is usually a problem... Water beside the bed in a carafe with a glass is always appreciated (as is a handy bottle of Tylenol). Also, something to read (even if it's your cast-offs it's probably new to them). I prefer magazines with great articles versus a book for short, but interesting, reading. Vanity Fair, Food & Wine and Details are all great and cover your bases. 

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These items are available through Trove Interiors -- For more information, contact us for help creating a beautiful home. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Relaxing Guest Rooms

We've been traveling a lot lately, whether for work or various weekend trips thanks to out-of-town weddings (welcome to the 2013 wedding gauntlet). That's meant a lot of time in hotels and the spare rooms of friends and family. I think there was only one weekend of March that I was home? Needless to say, the state of things there is at a standstill despite my need to start some decorating projects.

Being gone got me thinking about what a guest room should feel like. They're often times the rooms that don't get much attention in a home. Maybe it's where the old bed frame goes when someone finally upgrades or the cast-off furniture that has really needed to go, but still seems to be hanging around. I've started to think that a goal for me is to someday have a wonderful guest room -- one that feels as relaxing for a friend as a stay in a hotel.

Phoebe Howard has always been one of my favorite designers when it comes to soothing bedrooms. She just does such a good job at it. These are some of my favorites in a little homage to the guest room a la Ms. Howard.

All photos via

All the best,
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