Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been obsessing over the pink English arm sofas in Ann Mashburn's house since it was published in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.   It is so chic and happy.  

Who needs JCrew or the preppy handbook when you have a hot pink sofa.   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are you kidding me Today Show?

I had to share the disaster I witnessed this morning while watching the Today Show: 

Behold, decals that go over a door that LOOK LIKE SOMETHING ELSE. That is NOT a hallway people. That is a bathroom door with a PICTURE of a hallway...

Don't let your garage doors get jealous -- they can have them too. Through the miracle of oversize printers, you can turn your ugly metal door in to a "beautiful" carriage dooooooor! (I can hear oprah in my head when I say this...)

In need of a vacation? Want to feel like you're driving in to paradise every night? Well how about this bad boy? I'm sure your neighbors will love it too. 

Do you ever feel like your art just isn't working hard enough? It's so lazy on the wall there, just hanging out for your brain's enjoyment. Put it to work by turning it in to a shelf for your drink or potted plant!

What about a 3D experience? You can add things to walls and canvas that poke you. 


 And last but not least, pesky kitchen re-models be damned, we've outsmarted tile by adding stickers to them! I knew my kids were on to something when they defiled my walls and cabinets years ago. Should have marketed it and wound up on the Today Show...

View the whole train wreck here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Favorites

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

I think the unofficial theme of this week for me is Spring. We've gotten a short taste of it in Seattle so now I feel as though I can hop on the bandwagon -- not so fast people who got snow on the east coast (crazy!)

I few of the things I've been loving are here, favorites being those Kate Spade cork flats with the hit of pink, the crocodile laptop case that is a dead-ringer for a clutch and the j.crew sparkly bracelet that is stretchy for little (and big) wrists and is cheap, cheap, cheap! A few items for the home as well like tea from a pretty, pop-of-color teacup, my favorite crystal votives from Kelly at High Street Market and a cute silver mini dot tray for little odds and ends. 

Off to Coldplay tonight. We're taking my oldest to his first concert, accompanied by my sister and her boyfriend. Rock on. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gardens - Green and White

The weather here has been beautiful the last two days so I've been working in the yard.  I like to dig in the dirt and just listen to the sounds of nature as it's very grounding (no pun intended).   After years of purple, pink and blue gardens, I'm loving the idea of an all white and green garden.  It's so peaceful and it really allows you to focus on the architecture of the house.  

But it also satisfies my obsession with Boxwood's and Hydrangeas.  Especially when the Boxwood is used as a hedge surrounding the Hydrangeas.   Now if only I could keep my Hydrangeas white.  My soil likes to turn them blue or pink which drives me crazy.   

 Add some pea gravel and brick and I'm in heaven. 

Heavenly - the Pee Gee Hydrangea tree.  

Crepe Myrtles are my favorite flowering tree.  I tried to plant them in my backyard but unfortunately they don't love the Northwest climate.  I settled for white flowering Cherries instead.  But, someday I will have these babies.  

Climbing roses and vines make me swoon. 

Creeping Fig vines is another great option. 

 This border is divine.  Just wish Hostas and Tulips would flower at the same time at my house.  

Love this Azalea border with Hydrangeas.  This would be the perfect garden for the Northwest.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Design Fever

I'm running around like a crazy person. Work, kids, sports, laundry, homework, grocery store, dog, etc - you know the story. And to top it off my perfectionist husband is about to come home after being gone for 3 weeks which means I have got to pick up the slack of how I've been keeping the house. Thank goodness for the cleaning crew coming tomorrow.

But all I really want to do is re-decorate my house. It's a monthly occurrence for a designer but I always feel it the most in the Spring. And I've got it bad right now.

I'm obsessing over my bedroom, entry way, my oldest son's room and changing out my color palette in my living room. Of course I can't just choose one room to focus on at a time!

Here are my starting inspiration photos.

McGill Group
I need some serenity in my life. I think this bedroom just might do it.

This is one of my favorite entry ways. Swap out the dog for my little tan "Tilly" and it's perfect.

Inspiration for my son's room - but he's opinionated so we'll see where we end up.

Wish me luck in getting them all done. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Hope you had a great week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hacienda Resort and Cocina y Cantina

One of my favorite nights in Cabo San Lucas took place at the gorgeous Hacienda Beach Club and Residences.

The Resort/Club is so beautiful that the pictures really don't capture the experience.

One of the banquette rooms. This room was so pretty in person with all the rustic beams, stone and iron chandeliers.

One of the hotel rooms. But you can also purchase an amazing villa/home in the resort if you have some extra cash floating around.

While I was in awe of the Resort, I love food, and the restaurant Cocina y Cantina did not disappoint.

This is the bar where I enjoyed a hibiscus margarita. It was so yummy that I'll be dreaming about this drink all Summer. Who am I kidding, I enjoyed 2 of these babies that night.

Then we moved outside to enjoy our diner alfresco.

I think the food speaks for itself. It tasted as good as it looked.

Churros with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce. Are you kidding me? I was in heaven.

I will definitely be dining at Cocina y Cantina on my next visit to Cabo and dreaming of staying at the resort.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mexico - A little R&R

Sorry for the silence! Spring Break was last week so the boys and I took a little trip to Cabo San Lucas to get some needed sun and relaxation. Unfortunately, my husband had to leave on a shoot (for 3 weeks!) so I took the boys by myself. Luckily, we were staying at the same resort as good friends, so the kids and I had playmates.

I think my kids were just as nervous as me to travel by ourselves... Would we have fun or would I be in need of a perpetual mommy cocktail to make it through the day? Only time would tell...

But once we arrived at the hotel, we found ourselves in the laid back Mexico groove. We were going to have fun, dammit.

And when the resort and beach is as gorgeous as this, it would almost be impossible not to have a great time.

The whole atmosphere was so calming and beautiful. I'm a sucker for Bougainvillea
and Spanish architecture so I was in heaven.

Doesn't hurt that the trees were lit at night with beautiful lanterns.

We even decided to swim with the dolphins. Well, I chickened out and we kissed the dolphins and got to touch their fins (think water petting zoo), as I wasn't quite ready to get into the ocean and let myself be pulled and pushed by a large animal that I couldn't see. Did I mention that I'm afraid of things that live in water? And the ocean? But the boys loved it and we decided we will swim with the dolphins when we go to Hawaii (as long as we can do it in a clear pool). They especially loved that I screamed like a baby when the trainer made me kiss the dolphin!

All in all, we had a great week. We learned a lot about ourselves and made some great memories. Last break before summer vacation, which to me means I have only a few months of peace before full-time kiddos invade my house.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seeing Green

I came across this image on pinterest and fell in love as it is the perfect hit of Spring. The causal and natural elements of the Faux Bois wallpaper and green botanicals with the beautiful crystal chandelier are perfection. But the chairs are divine. The leather fronts and textured backs add warmth to the room and best of all they are spill proof. A must for a dining room that's going to be used.

Add in the white and green floral arrangements and it's the perfect dining room for Spring. Just in time for the upcoming Easter weekend.
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