Friday, March 1, 2013

Beach Project

We are kicking off an exciting project on the Oregon Coast in our favorite enclave of Gearheart/Cannon Beach.   Kind of gets me in the mood for some serious coastal style. There's something about the Oregon Coast that just puts my soul at ease.  In fact, it's the first place I would buy a vacation home should the opportunity present itself.  I love the weather (even if it's rainy too much of the time) and the quaintness of the towns.  Plus, there's nothing like a bonfire and BBQ on the beach with friends.    Can't wait to road trip and hit my favorite antique stores and Pop's soda shop for some treats.  Too bad I'm leaving the kids at home!

Here are some of my favorite coastal inspirations to get the creative juices flowing.

And you can't mention coastal without including the ever popular "Something's Gotta Give" House.  No matter how many times I've seen it, I'll always get sucked in.  Not sure if it's the story line or the house.  But I know I never get tired of it.

Kate and I are heading to the Coast to check it out.  I love my job.

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