Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Finds

If you love Barclay Butera's look but can't afford him (not many of us can) nows your chance to get a little of his look at a fraction of what it would cost.

He just launched an online pillow program. Now you don't need to be part of the trade to purchase from him. While they are still pricey, they are comparable to other decorative pillows sold online through specialty retailers.

They are typical Butera style. Lots of blue, classic stripes and florals. Of course he's also offering my favorite "B" pillow. However, that one will cost you a pretty penny.

Here's a little sample.

Check out his website for the full line of pillows. He's one step closer to being crowned king of the "lifestyle" design world.
Look out Ralph, Barclay's on your heels.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First, I apologize for being absent from the blog for so long. The holidays just kick me in the butt every year. Add a busy work schedule onto entertaining every night for 4 straight nights (yes, that's how we do holidays in my house - not the one day and it's over method) and I'm a zombie for a couple days.

Enough said. I apologize. Please forgive me. I will try to make my comeback posts worth your time.

I'm working on a project right now that has tight spaces in a bedroom and family room. My solution - create a custom desk in the family room and a custom console in the bedroom. I'm using these two magazine tears as examples. There's nothing some legs and a solid core door can't solve. When their done they will look like custom pieces.

So easy, affordable and usable.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Image courtesy of Coastal Living

I hope you had a wonderful holiday full of family and friends. Mine was crazy but filled with laughter and fun. Onto the next holiday. This time I only have 4 actual Christmases. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Update

Just a quick project update. We are starting to make progress in the construction phase. Bathroom fixtures should arrive the first week of December. Grass cloth has been ordered. Things are starting to take visual shape.

The task at hand is picking the overall paint color for the entire downstairs. Picking paint colors in the Northwest is never easy. Especially neutrals as the tend to go pink or yellow. Unfortunately, I don't like either color. You can see all the paint swatches on the wall. Hopefully a new hybrid color tomorrow will make the final cut.

Here's a quick peek at the progress from the last post.

New staircase minus the slats. They should go in tomorrow.

Fireplace in progress. Still a lot of work to be done but still tons better than it was to begin with. This will become the focus of the family room. Middle compartment houses the T.V. We are going to age the brick white so it has a wonderful patina. No more 80's in this room.

Wainscoting before being primed and painted. Traditional yet casual. You can see the paint swatches above. We are leaning towards the lightest one of the right. Winter Wheat - Benjamin Moore.

I'll continue to update as new progress is made.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I love these mongrammed bath towels from Matouk. They are 650 gram cotton terry and the monogram is done in the relief method.

While they are fabulous in a hotel, they would be extra fab in a home. They would be unexpected. A nice change from your standard guest towel.

They are the perfect gift for everyone on your list regardless of occasion. I would love to receive the quest towels for my powder room. It's the little touches that make a difference.
The boys could each get towels monogrammed with the first letter of their names. That way, there would never be fighting over who gets what towel. I can dream can't I?

Matouk has an amazing collection of bedding, bath and table top linens. They have the new Lulu DK line as well as a custom/couture "bespoke" line so you can create you're very own bedding assortment.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Finds

I am a department store make-up junkie. I think I've tried every skin and make up line looking for the perfect product to make me look like I have that dewy porcelain skin of all the cover girls and actresses. I know they are airbrushed, but it doesn't stop me from trying.

I've never found the perfect fix. But to my surprise, I've found a couple drugstore finds that are amazing and don't break the bank.

I was at a girlfriends and tried her Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. I couldn't believe it. It went on so easily and gave me the perfect glow. My favorite color is "Rose Petal." Subtle and gorgeous.

Just opening it and looking at the beautiful mousse texture and color makes me happy. I've had better results with this than any department store blush.

If the blush is great, what could the foundation do for my skin? You can bet I'm going to find out. It's only $13.99 so what do I have to loose?

The other one that's always getting rave reviews is the CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation. It's supposed to prevent the pigment from settling into fine lines, therefore make you look younger. Sounds good to me. But the packaging just isn't as pretty as the Maybelline version and I'm a sucker for packaging.

I love this Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara. I've always loved the classic Great Lash, but this one's brush is small and fine. Perfect for those hard to get lashes and it doesn't leave a clumpy mess. It comes in waterproof for people like me who cry when they laugh.

But maybe the best find of all, is this Organic line by Boots available at Target. Good day creams are hard to find as I have dry and sensitive skin. I've tried them all. Even the miracle La Mer. I love my Decleor, but at $65 a jar it's pricey. And really, who uses just one jar in their routine. This cream is almost as good and it's $12.99. It's fragrance free (unlike most of the natural/organic lines) and keeps me hydrated all day long.

This Face Super Balm is amazing as well. It feels like a sugar scrub and is slightly greasy but it moisturizes like crazy. For skin like mine, balms are incredible once you get past the texture difference. I use it as my night cream and on rough patches on my hands. It's $8.99!

Who knew recession beauty shopping could be so much fun.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's dark

I have a client who has a very dark house. Dark. Even in the middle of the day when the sun is shinning, you can hardly see anything. Being that the house was built in the 60's they didn't put in any lighting. I'm not sure why they didn't have lighting in the 60's and 70's - was it better so you didn't have to see your crazy outfit?

Anyway, she needs light. And light she's going to get it. The trouble is, what kind of light? Should we go Coastal or traditional with a twist? I'm leaning towards Coastal as she has some white slip covered furniture in the family room with old bamboo accents already. However, tradition with a twist would be wonderful as well and not as thematic.
Here's some of the lights I've been looking at for the last couple hours.


For the entryway that bridges the white family room and neutral (seagrass, camel colored sofas) living room/dining room

For the Living and Dining Rooms - I will need chandeliers in both.

I know, it's so over used. But it's so great. It would need a companion piece in the dining room such as the West Elm Rectangular Shell Chandelier.

Or a coral inspired chandelier (literally coastal)


Entryway option

This would be incredible over the dining table.

Great for the living room. Very traditional.

Classic and modern. But could be too serious.

Hammered brass. Gorgeous, fun and unique. (Courtesy of Revival Home and Garden)

Traditional and expected, but always great.

What direction do you like?

Either way, at least she will be able to see whether or not she has on two matching shoes. Really, I've done that. It's not fun when you get to your destination and realize that you got dressed in the dark.

Here's to making sure she never has to experience my embarrassment.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mrs. Howard, Jacksonville store

A friend of mine went to Phoebe Howard's Jacksonville, Florida store and sent me a couple pictures. I can't believe this is a store! I wonder how many people try to hide and spend the night. I think I might be tempted. Visiting one of her stores is on my wish list for 2010.

Enjoy the pictures. Blow them up so you can see the details. Always styled to the "T" without being overdone. Gorgeous Southern simplicity.

P.S. I'll try not to post about Phoebe Howard for a while to give you a break.
P.S.S Okay, so I lied. I just went over to her blog, Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper, and had to share this post. In this before and after post, Mrs. Howard told the homeowner to buy books at Goodwill since her budget was tight. Then she painted the spines a greyish blue with a notched out strie brush. Gorgeous! Wish I had thought of that idea. Unified books make such a statement.

Hope you had a great Monday.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Finds

A fellow blogger, Snobertson, sent me this great fashion site, Frugal Fashionistas. I'm loving it. With my limited time to stay on top of fashion trends I get in a fashion rut. I go to my normal standbys. Skinny jeans, ballet flats, blouse and cardigan. I'm still presentable, no mom jeans, but I need to mix it up. In order to do that, I need inspiration and not inspiration from Vogue or Bazaar. Attainable and affordable inspiration. Plus, who doesn't like to look at a little celebrity gossip or fashion?

I love that I can quickly browse through the looks and pick out the ones I like or are realistic (let's be real as most of these outfits would never work on a real person or someone who didn't live in L.A.) and modify them for my price point, style and age. You can search by celebrity or just scan through all the posts. They also have beauty features which I love as well. Sometimes I just want to buy some drugstore makeup for the experience of shopping the aisle. I don't want someone telling me what I should buy based on my coloring. It takes me back to my junior high and high school days. Remember Wet 'n Wild?

This is almost as good as any celebrity gossip rag. I don't care about what the celebs are doing - just they are wearing. Good-bye people and US Magazine. You are no longer needed.

Here are a couple samples.

Katherine Heigl (In case you live under a rock)

Reese Witherspoon

Eva Mendes

Penelope Cruz (perfect shopping or travel outfit)

Camerion Diaz (Great winter shopping look)

Statement Necklaces
Fall Forecast - What's hot and what's not

Beauty Buys

Thank you Frugal Fashionists!
You just gave me my celebrity fix while providing me with some useful information.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Turquoise & Coral

I love this room from Ashley Whittaker Design. It has my favorite color of the moment, blue, but done in a unexpected way. I typically fall for the blues with the neutrals (creams, khakis, chocolates) but I love how this turquoise pops with the bright coral. It's so happy. Even on the grayest day it would make you feel like it's not the middle of winter. Which in Seattle, gray is the flavor du jour 8 months of the year.

The light, beachiness of the chandelier and coral linen fabric contrasted with the heavy mahogany table and traditional print wallpaper makes the room young and fun. It reminds me of what my grandmother would have done in her Laguna Beach house. A little traditional mixed with Asian and beach. Bikini beach clad girl meets traditional upper west side boy. Match made in heaven.

Mom-mom, that was my nickname for my grandma, this would have been fantastic with your Capri's , tunics, and Bernardo t-strap sandals. You were always the the epitome of beach chic meets Hollywood.

This rooms for you. Wish you were here to enjoy it. I can almost smell the Entemann's cheese danish twist now.

Turquoise linen and tinted wall fabric from Quadrille. Coral linen fabric from Travers. Chandelier is from Mecox Gardens. Photo from House Beautiful.
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