Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's dark

I have a client who has a very dark house. Dark. Even in the middle of the day when the sun is shinning, you can hardly see anything. Being that the house was built in the 60's they didn't put in any lighting. I'm not sure why they didn't have lighting in the 60's and 70's - was it better so you didn't have to see your crazy outfit?

Anyway, she needs light. And light she's going to get it. The trouble is, what kind of light? Should we go Coastal or traditional with a twist? I'm leaning towards Coastal as she has some white slip covered furniture in the family room with old bamboo accents already. However, tradition with a twist would be wonderful as well and not as thematic.
Here's some of the lights I've been looking at for the last couple hours.


For the entryway that bridges the white family room and neutral (seagrass, camel colored sofas) living room/dining room

For the Living and Dining Rooms - I will need chandeliers in both.

I know, it's so over used. But it's so great. It would need a companion piece in the dining room such as the West Elm Rectangular Shell Chandelier.

Or a coral inspired chandelier (literally coastal)


Entryway option

This would be incredible over the dining table.

Great for the living room. Very traditional.

Classic and modern. But could be too serious.

Hammered brass. Gorgeous, fun and unique. (Courtesy of Revival Home and Garden)

Traditional and expected, but always great.

What direction do you like?

Either way, at least she will be able to see whether or not she has on two matching shoes. Really, I've done that. It's not fun when you get to your destination and realize that you got dressed in the dark.

Here's to making sure she never has to experience my embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Who is the first ceiling fixture produced by?
I would love it for my foyer.

Trove Interiors said...

It's called the Frank Flush Mount. You can find it on

Hope that helps!

All Women Everywhere said...

I vote for the vintage chandelier! Ha. Thanks for featuring our little light....some great options from which to choose. I have always loved the Frank from Visual Comfort, especially in the white finish.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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