Monday, November 2, 2009

White Christmas

I know, I hate thinking about Christmas right now. Halloween was just two days ago. Christmas should not start until Thanksgiving is over. Did you hear that stores? Don't put up Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving! We get that we should be shopping now...

But I saw this magazine cover yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks.

My friends and family always tease me because I've proclaimed our family "a white light family". No colored Christmas lights allowed. Much to the dismay of my kids. Every year they ask why we have to be a white light family. Can't they over-rule me since there are three boys and just my little old self. I've given in and have a kids Christmas Tree in the Family Room that they can have colored lights on. I know I should give in on the main tree and outside, but I just can't do it. Christmas to me should be elegant, sparkly, white and gold. No red and green for me. (Unless it's celadon or apple green and used as an accent)

I love Susan Marinello. She's one of my favorite Seattle designers. So when I noticed it was her house on the cover of Seattle Homes & Lifestyles I just had to post about it.

It's so serene and dreamy. A white winterland. You could leave the decorations up for the winter season as it's not specific to Christmas. (minus the tree)

The article made me laugh because even her daughter thought that the decorations were too white. This year she's going to do bright reds and burnt oranges. Should be equally beautiful and elegant. And I love that it's not the traditional color scheme.
What kind of color scheme do you love for the holidays?

Now that I've had a tiny fix on my white lights obsession, I promise I won't post anymore about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

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