Friday, October 30, 2009

Blue and Gold

I never thought I'd be the stage mom or the crazy sideline mom. But here I am. Getting ready for my 3rd grade sons playoff game tomorrow am. It's crazy, I know. It just seems to happen as you age. Your idea of fun changes. I've never met a group of parents that are so into it for the fun of the game. Not the hard core "you have to win or else" parents.

Wearing school colors, waving pom-poms and cowbells and acting as the cheerleaders we don't have. (I'm sure we look ridiculous) Who knew getting the kids pumped up so they play their best could be so much fun! Never in a million years would I have dreamt that I would be doing this and having a blast.

Good luck tomorrow Spud. We are cheering for you and Bellevue Gold.

Go Gold!

Spud. What a charmer.


Anonymous said...

sigh.. my favorite post ever.. go Tate!!! I cant believe how grown up you are. Love aunty boom-boom

Anonymous said...

What a cute kid! Thanks for sharing.

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