Monday, October 5, 2009


Are you living in a space that doesn't have a rug because the room is so large or doesn't work with the standard rug sizes? Are you putting off getting a rug because you're worried that a custom size is going to cost you a small fortune? If so, this is a great idea.

By multiple rugs and space them about 6" apart or have them sewn together to create one big rug. It's a great way to fill a huge space for less. I love how the three rugs in this room create conversation areas while adding another interesting texture with the peak-a-boo of the hardwoods in between. It makes the space more interesting than if it was one large area rug.

House Beautiful 2005. Design by Matthew Carter.

And don't think you can only do it with solid rugs. It would be fabulous with stripped or geometric rugs. There are so many affordable options.

So stop saving and start shopping.

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Unknown said...

Are those three separate rugs? I've never thought of that! For me, it’s always been one rug to hold everything together. I didn't know that multiple rugs can have the same effect. But that entails more cleaning, right? Well, we use a lot of carpets and rugs here in Portland, so I should know. Carpet cleaning in Portland, OR is no walk in the park.

Whenever I have guests, I tell them a story about the imported carpets and rugs in our house so that they’ll be more cautious around them. But accidents are inevitable, right? That's why I keep the phone number of carpet cleaners in Portland, Oregon. It’s been useful lately, especially when we held a Halloween party a few weeks ago.

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