Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glam Grass

Glam Grass. What sounds better than that? Nothing to my design obsessed ears.

I'm in love with Phillip Jefferies Glam Grass Wall coverings. You know I'm a neutral girl at heart. I love the taupe's, camels, chocolates, ivory's, greys.
But I'm dying to use the glam grass in a soft blue. (Even though the chocolate shimmer aptly named "Parisian Mink" in the picture makes me weak in the knees as well).

What could be happier than a powder room or bedroom with blue shimmer grasscloth?

The names alone make we want to buy them.
Maldive Blue

French Alps Chalet

Monte Carlo Nights

African Diamonds

I hope I get to meet you soon, Maldive Blue. If our date doesn't go so well, I'll be looking for you Parisian Mink.

One of you will be mine.

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