Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Finds

Carpet for homes that are lived in (meaning you have kids or pets) is a hard proposition. It seems that no matter what you do you can't win. If you get the look you want you might not get the durability or comfort that you are looking for. I love the look of Seagrass and Sisal and don't mind the texture. However, some people want the softness of regular broadloom carpet under their feet.

I'm a big believer in neutral colored carpet that gives the same impression as sisal/seagrass if you want a wool or synthetic carpet. However, I've learned a lot about neutral carpet from my own house. I put in a high end stain master Berber carpet because I wanted sisal but needed something that was soft underfoot for the boys. I was told it would be easy to maintain. Not so. My camel colored Berber carpet has stain marks everywhere. It drives me crazy. No matter what I do new stains seem to appear everyday.

I want to be able to live in my house without worrying about whether or not my carpet is going to get another stain. I want to free myself from getting on my hands and knees and spot cleaning so as to not take the stain resistant chemicals out of the carpet. What is a girl (yes I still think I'm a girl) to do?

When I think of component or tile carpeting, I immediately think of hotels, corporate offices and crazy patterns with circles and bright stripes. But not anymore. Flor tiles is doing some incredible, sophisticated and neutral carpets. The are environmentally friendly (made with recycled materials) and the best part is if you get a stain or water damage, you can just replace the affected tiles. They might just be the perfect answer to a "lived in" house. And there are so many choices now. From plain neutrals that look like broadloom to great subtle patterns and classic traditional stripes. Martha Stewart even has a line of Flor tiles.

They are a great solution for high traffic areas. Runners, laundry room, kitchen rugs, and even the kids rooms. You can create fun patterns with texture or fun patterns with color. You can see the grids/squares or have a pattern that looks seamless, which is what I prefer. The possibilities are endless now that they offer so many options. Check it out for yourself at

I for one would love to replace a square if my sisters dog had an accident or my kids (including my husband) spilled their drink.

Next in Line
Flats & Cords (shown in Vanilla - also in Buttercream)

All Bark and No Bite

In the Loop

Coir - (Made with the husks of coconuts) This is a great alternative to sisal since you can easily repair a stain.

Faux Bois

Mod Zebra

Regatta Stripe

Sea Grass Stripe
Is it a "Good Find" for residential or is it still too corporate looking for your house? Maybe it will free me from spot cleaning forever! A girl can dream, can't she.


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