Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've been waiting

I've been waiting to decorate a room using this image as my inspiration since it was published in Town & Country in 2006.

I was immediately struck by the color palette and textures (and of course the designer). The hand-painted silk de Gournay is so mesmerizing that I've been dreaming about it ever since.

This is the image that stopped me in my page turning tracks. Gorgeous.

The article featured the newly renovated 2,200 square-foot Lowell hotel penthouse. The designer was none other than Michael S. Smith. In typical Michael S. Smith fashion the rooms are layered and inviting yet chic.

Another shot of the main bedroom which was the room that stopped me in my page turning frenzy. I love how it's simple, warm and tranquil. The mirror above the chair reflects the star of the room - the hand-painted de Gournay. de Gournay wallpaper - seriously one of the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen. Each one if more beautiful than the last. The masculine canopy bed with upholstered headboard is a perfect balance to the wallpaper. Anything else would have been too heavy and detracted from the beauty of the walls.

The living room. More traditional Michael S. Smith layers. I could do without the heavy rug. But, still beautiful. The pillows were made from vintage Japanese textiles.

The dining room. Wish the flowers and plants weren't so distracting. The elements of the room are beautiful if only I could really see them.

Main bathroom. Feels a little disconnected from the bedrooms and living room. More in line with the feeling of the dining room. Maybe it's the Ralph Lauren sconces that feel a little overpowering. Maybe I'm just crazy...

Dressing room off the master bath. Nancy Corzine's mirrored desk which ties in nicely with the mirrored glass dining room table.

Additional bedroom. Love the mirror above the bed and how it reflects the terrace. The window treatments add just the right amount of texture and pop. Simple perfection.

Small full-service kitchen. AL series aluminum-clad cabinetry, Sub-Zero refrigerator, Miele Dishwasher and electric cook top. In case you don't want to order 24 hour room service, or your staff wants to whip something up for you and your guests.

Lowell Penthouse, I'm looking forward to finally using you as my muse!

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