Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Short on time

I've been busy running around town like a chicken so it's left me little time to sit down and post. Between work and school events I'm not sure what happens to the day. Time just evaporates.

I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with a post on one of my favorite designers. I'm attending an event with Barclay Butera. I'm so exited I can hardly contain myself. I've been following his career since I stumbled into his store in Newport Beach about eight years ago. I hope I'm just as excited after I meet him.

I will report back with all the details. Barclay, please don't disappoint me. I'd hate to have been admiring you for all these years for nothing.

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Linda in AZ * said...

... and I "found" his store in Park City, Utah about 6 years ago~~~ (I wanted EVERYTHING for our litle ski place there, & most CERTAINLY did NOT want to leave that fabulous store!)~

I L*O*V*E his work/style/approach, & hope you can/will share a photo of his PC place, INCLUDING the DR table/chairs/area, which just SPEAKS to me ~~~

(I'M probably as excited as YOU are, about READING your interview w/ that lil' blonde devil!)~

I'll be WAITING!!!~~ Please give him a warm hug, from

Linda in AZ *

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