Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Phone! New Life!

Well! I finally got around to ordering myself a new iPhone. I CANNOT even tell you the phone I live with. It can't do anything and it hasn't been able to for the past two years but basically make phone calls and take crappy photos. And because I settle for mediocrity when it comes to myself (maybe because I'm too exhausted at the end of the day from worrying about perfection for clients) that it has taken me this long to actually bite the bullet.

I'm so excited about all the possibilities! Pinterest on my phone while I wait for carpool! Google Reader while I sip my coffee in the morning! Instagram! Twitter (who am I kidding? I don't think I'm that hip). Using my internet at client meetings! AND it leads to all types of good case options. I've started shopping and here are some of my choices:

From Amazon: More masculine than I think I want, but sleek and probably pretty in person.

Another Amazon - Cheap and cheerful. Plain but pretty and spring-y, heck, anything for me to see it at the bottom of my purse...

A front runner! It appeals to the little bit of glittery vegas in me. Glitter Leopard from J.Crew

J.Crew: More subtle but still everything I love in an accessory item. It's called "Whipsnake" -- the only place I would like a whip or a snake is on my phone. 

Now, we might be reaching the holy grail of iphone covers from Plum Street Prints. I mean, Hello! Monograms, great prints, it's a match made in heaven. 

This one would be very "on brand" for my new logo that is being finished up. Navy and Greek Key

Ombre Prettiness, again from Plum Street Prints

Chevrons and monograms. Heaven. Also in many colors, but I love the subtle color.

And lastly, a departure, but it could be kind of cool. Hammered metal from Nordstrom

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moody Cocktails

My book club is coming over next week for cocktails and to discuss this month's pick, which I haven't read yet, but it sounds like every other woman in the country is -- 50 Shades of Gray. I think I'll need to focus on the bar in order to prepare myself for that conversation. 

Entertaining has me thinking about how I'll set up my house for food and drinks. I found these two different setups and they both have me thinking about how each is functional.  I would kill to have the space to create a designated moody bar. The top image reminds me of a hotel I stayed at in London where you could duck into a little alcove, poor yourself a drink and then join the rest of the party. It's the perfect entertaining setup.  

Via my pinterest

Since I don't have the room, the tabletop version would suffice. Glasses laid out for guests and when the party is over, back in the cabinet it all goes, but I still love how this photo captures the moody vibe. Now off to Amazon to order the book.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Say yes....

I've been taking care of some sick little boys since Thursday and felt myself start to slip into the fever zone as well yesterday.  So, I stayed in my sweats all day today and watched a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta.   I know.  Crazy.  But I have to say, I love this show.  It's way more fun that the original Say Yes to the Dress.  Those Southern Gals make for some great TV.  Once I see the first 5 minutes I can't walk away.  I'm such a sucker for anything wedding related (even though I've been married for almost 15 years)  and this show has all the dresses and drama.    I can't wait for my little sister to get married so I can go dress shopping with her.   I just hope I'm not one of those obnoxious opinionated sisters.  Who am I kidding...  

Anyway, it was the perfect sick day marathon.  Hope you had a great weekend.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm obsessed with abstract art this week.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Can't decide between the bright and poppy pink and orange combos or the moody grey/blues.   Maybe it's a perfect representation of my Gemini personality!

Todd Hunter

Kelly Wearstler

Tina Steele Lindsey


Allie Synder

Donna Hughes via Bradley- Hughes

Lynn Raney via Bradley-Hughes 

Tracy Rocca

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rolling Out the Summer Parties

I've mentioned more than a few times that I like to pour myself a glass of wine while I cook dinner. It's more about the ritual and that it's a bit of a Calgon moment for me in the midst of lacrosse sticks, army guys and piles of work I haven't gotten to. But lately I've really been feeling the powers of the cocktail

I thought a round-up of some of the bar carts on the market could be a fun way to usher in the warm weather and start of warm weather entertaining. I love how versatile they are both from an aesthetic perspective and from a practical standpoint. It's an engaging thing to have in a room and it can go anywhere! Roll that party on out! 

Arteriors' Lisbon

Arteriors' Ponce
High Street Market
Society Social's Draper
Williams-Sonoma Home

High Street Market's Alfred

Arteriors' Connaught

High Street Market (Can't beat this price!)

Society Social

Society Social

Monday, May 7, 2012

Capote in the Hamptons: Then & Now

Through one of those glorious internet rabbit holes I found myself on The New Traditionalist's blog where they posted on Truman Capote's Hampton's vacation home. It's so interesting to see the place he cherished and designed and decorated himself. 

It was the 50's and 60's, I'll give him that, but it's so interesting to see some of these other Hampton properties because in my head I always picture row upon row of Robert A.M. Stern/Ina Garten-esque East coast houses. I feel like this would be something that feels right at home on our San Juan Islands. 

Here are some photos dug up from a 1975 Arch Digest article featuring the property:


 I love those bookcases flanking the fireplace. Chunky and linear.


And what the property looks like today  after many changes: 

 Cute little out building with a stellar trellis. 

 If you told me this picture was from the northwest, I would have no problem believing you. 

 No more bookcases, but the change to the stairs makes such a difference to the space. It's just a little too severe for my taste but it's the furniture that's tripping me up, not the architecture. 

 I would be happy waking up in this room, but don't you think he rolled over somewhere when the first roller of white paint hit the walls? I love the European feel it's taken on, but it sure is different from the house Capote knew. 
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