Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Phone! New Life!

Well! I finally got around to ordering myself a new iPhone. I CANNOT even tell you the phone I live with. It can't do anything and it hasn't been able to for the past two years but basically make phone calls and take crappy photos. And because I settle for mediocrity when it comes to myself (maybe because I'm too exhausted at the end of the day from worrying about perfection for clients) that it has taken me this long to actually bite the bullet.

I'm so excited about all the possibilities! Pinterest on my phone while I wait for carpool! Google Reader while I sip my coffee in the morning! Instagram! Twitter (who am I kidding? I don't think I'm that hip). Using my internet at client meetings! AND it leads to all types of good case options. I've started shopping and here are some of my choices:

From Amazon: More masculine than I think I want, but sleek and probably pretty in person.

Another Amazon - Cheap and cheerful. Plain but pretty and spring-y, heck, anything for me to see it at the bottom of my purse...

A front runner! It appeals to the little bit of glittery vegas in me. Glitter Leopard from J.Crew

J.Crew: More subtle but still everything I love in an accessory item. It's called "Whipsnake" -- the only place I would like a whip or a snake is on my phone. 

Now, we might be reaching the holy grail of iphone covers from Plum Street Prints. I mean, Hello! Monograms, great prints, it's a match made in heaven. 

This one would be very "on brand" for my new logo that is being finished up. Navy and Greek Key

Ombre Prettiness, again from Plum Street Prints

Chevrons and monograms. Heaven. Also in many colors, but I love the subtle color.

And lastly, a departure, but it could be kind of cool. Hammered metal from Nordstrom

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