Monday, May 7, 2012

Capote in the Hamptons: Then & Now

Through one of those glorious internet rabbit holes I found myself on The New Traditionalist's blog where they posted on Truman Capote's Hampton's vacation home. It's so interesting to see the place he cherished and designed and decorated himself. 

It was the 50's and 60's, I'll give him that, but it's so interesting to see some of these other Hampton properties because in my head I always picture row upon row of Robert A.M. Stern/Ina Garten-esque East coast houses. I feel like this would be something that feels right at home on our San Juan Islands. 

Here are some photos dug up from a 1975 Arch Digest article featuring the property:


 I love those bookcases flanking the fireplace. Chunky and linear.


And what the property looks like today  after many changes: 

 Cute little out building with a stellar trellis. 

 If you told me this picture was from the northwest, I would have no problem believing you. 

 No more bookcases, but the change to the stairs makes such a difference to the space. It's just a little too severe for my taste but it's the furniture that's tripping me up, not the architecture. 

 I would be happy waking up in this room, but don't you think he rolled over somewhere when the first roller of white paint hit the walls? I love the European feel it's taken on, but it sure is different from the house Capote knew. 

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