Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Blogger's Christmas Wish

My Favorite city in the world, covered in Christmas snow this year.

The holiday rush is winding down and I'm about to settle in to three solid days of Christmas. I say three, because like all modern families, it's a marathon of travel, dinners, present opening at every occasion (what happened to that little window of excitement on Christmas morning?) and lots of cooking. Before I do that, I'm wrapping up things for clients at the office and then jumping straight in to wrapping all these presents I just (now) bought!

Although it's not over, 2010 has been an exciting year and I've really found a great amount of enjoyment from blogging, and for that matter, the blogs that I read every morning while I sip coffee and try to psych myself up for the day. Isn't blogging and the community it creates fantastic? So much great stuff out there and all these people bringing it to our fingertips.

But this Christmas, I'm wondering if you readers can help grant me a Christmas wish? It can get a little lonely on this side of the computer, and I would love to know what you want for Christmas this year. As adults, I think the things we want are much more interesting than what we buy for our kids and yet, we don't really talk about it, do we?

So from this blogger to my readers: Would you grant me the Christmas wish of hearing from you? And maybe we can all see what it is that makes us tick and gets us excited? I know you're out there ;)

And now, I'm off to go snuggle with my kids' Christmas present: Our new puppy, earned throughout 2010 and home just in time for the holidays.


Paris Photo Credit: Here

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Off Topic

But may it make you laugh in the midst of your holiday panic (What? That's just me who hasn't finished shopping?)

Macy's has released some video shorts of their licensed designers and included is Martha Stewart being one heck of a good sport. Watch the video, it's relatively short and seeing her crash a fraternity and take them to Macy's before parent's weekend is nearly priceless.

My favorite moments include one of the boys asking her for bedding advice: "If you were a girl, which one would you choose?" as well as seeing Martha fist-bump (which she kind of kills at).

(Jump on over if the video isn't displaying properly)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Manly Style

I'm a J Crew addict. It's not a secret. If I go into the store, I'm walking out with multiple bags. What can I say? It fits me and the pieces are workhorses. I must also confess that I'm dying to go to New York and see the wedding store. That would be dangerous for me even though I've been married for quite some time. I'm a sucker for weddings and I've made it quite clear to my little sister that when the day comes, a trip to NY for the J. Crew wedding shop is a mandatory.

So I'm adding the New J. Crew Men's shop to my retail bucket list. I'm loving the design almost as much as their clothes. It has the right mix of masculine and modern. Like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles... remember those button-down shirts with the jeans and boots? Yeah you do.

Jake Ryan for 2011 brought to you by Lonny Magazine. Thank you Lonny.

Also the personal home of the brains behind the J.Crew Men's line:

* All images are courtesy of Lonny

Hot Pick: Ilee Papergoods

A few years ago, I went to the Sandpoint Craft Fair that happens every year near the University of Washington. Not going to lie, most of the stuff was a bust, but amidst the sea of knitting, I found the proprietor of Ilee Papergoods. I walked away with an armful of letterpress stationary and one of the best letterpress desk calendars that I have ever seen. I've saved mine so that in 7 years (or whenever it is) I can whip it out and enjoy it again. If there was ever a thing to pep up a dreary high-rise office, it was that calendar.

She is selling a set of 6 where you can choose between any six of her 37 designs to create your own custom set for $15. A steal when you think about how much letterpress cards are at stationary shops.

This years calendar -- gorgeous (click to enlarge, really worth it).

I feel like every invitation I get lately is one of those dang evites, which yes, it is super convenient, but sometimes a function needs the build-up of good ol' fashioned invitation. Baby showers and wedding showers should still get invites, and what a great compromise with a fill-in letterpress.

Ilee sells on Etsy and shipping is very reasonable -- do yourself a favor and visit.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot Off the Sets

I recently heard about a shop in New York that specializes in selling the props from film sets and I had to take a look. The way it works is that after anything from a movie or commercial or similar is shot, set designers often have a lot of stuff that has been barely used and needs to be unloaded. Well, Film Biz Prop Shop gladly takes that product and sells it to the rest of us laymen at a deep discount. New York Magazine featured the shop in a brief blurb and claims that they have inventory as far reaching as Sex and the City 2 and other similar movies. Bingo!

I browsed the online store this morning and found some great deals on some rather cool pieces:

Look familiar? Well the price doesn't: $75 each

Really cool indoor/outdoor end tables. I think they are great and they are $100 for the set.

I feel like something similar to this would have been in "Something's Gotta Give" and at $30 it's gotta be gotten.

This vintage trunk falls into the set category of "artist's loft" on the site, meaning it came from a set that had been made to be an artist's apartment (Don Draper's heroin addicted ex-lover, anyone?) and I think it could be a great coffee table or trunk in the right place. $250

And just a little something shiny - A $25 dollar Swarovski crystal necklace.

I'm really wishing I lived in NY so I could shop this place for clients. But perhaps they ship, and at those prices it would be very, very worth it.

Plus, how great to say that you have something from a movie's set? I have a french settee from the set of "The Italian Job" that I came across one day and I like to imagine Mark Whalberg laying on it in his Calvin Klein's... just for kicks ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just White

Every year I toy with the idea of going all white with my Christmas decorations. I just love how fresh it looks and what a nice change it can be from the traditional Christmas look, especially when mixed with fresh greens. It's new and different, without completely abandoning the classic Christmas. The only thing getting in the way is that pesky family of mine :) I'm probably going down on Santa's list for being a mean mommy, because I won't let colored lights into my house. But this mom needs a Christmas gift to herself: white lights and pretty decorations.

In an ideal world, I'd be bringing some of this home for the holidays:

I love paper whites and amaryllis during the winter, and there is nothing prettier than a grouping in mass. How gorgeous are these?

Via Martha, these garlands would be a good alternative to lights if strung between a roof and a porch railing to prevent them from blowing and tangling in the wind. They are made of a weather-resistant material to combat the rain as well.

These paper mache stars from Etsy are a sweet addition to a green tree.

I'm thinking these snowflake cutouts would be adorable as gift tags and additional ornaments. Or scattered on a buffet set with greens and mercury - for $1.99, that's cheaper than most tags you would buy.

Three of these small hand-thrown vases running down my Christmas table, filled with white roses or other winter whites would be beautiful. And totally practical for the rest of the year.

I love boxwood wreathes similar to Kelly's DIY project (so great looking), but I also love the convenience of a silver bell wreath. Changing out the ribbon keeps it fresh for years to come.

And for a Christmas party, a twist on mistletoe that makes me smile - a Kissing Ball from Martha.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas Wishlist

I've asked Snobertson to make a list of her Christmas wishes. She seldom posts anymore, but for a good virtual-shop, I knew she would be up for it...

If there is anything that can get me back in to blogging, it's a look at what would be under the tree if I had my druthers this Christmas. Starting with a classic, this Smythson card case would make me a happy girl. Made of snake-printed leather, the color is amazing and even better, super easy to find in any one of the cavernous bags on my list below.

About two years ago, I purchased the original market tote from Longchamp and I have carried it almost consistently since. Actually, I've worn out the corners, which I need to do something about... But my joy has sprung from the fact that the black and brown combination has been the perfect "grab and go" item because it means no switching between bags depending on the shoes, and in fact, it almost gives license to mix the two even more -- which I love. So this Christmas, I would be elated to add the expandable carry-on to the collection. I do a lot of weekend packing so I'm always hauling some bag with enough items to get me from Friday to Sunday and this would be the champ.

Can you tell I love bags? This Foley + Corinna bag is awesome and such a good basic black with a kick. What I love is that it has the cross body feature along with the handbag and when all is said and done, it's practically perfect in every way.

Has anyone else become a fan of Lands End's new Canvas line? I think they have some great basics and this sweater is a nice update on the cowl neck at an awesome price point of 69.50 it's a great low-priced sweater.
I recently had to get my make-up done and since I am terrible at knowing what to buy or how to do that stuff, I picked up a few tips and recs for colors. I'm a fair-skinned blond and this color of blush from Bobbi Brown made me actually stop and take notice. The color is called "Slopes," as in "I just got off the slopes in Switzerland -- isn't life fabulous?"

I told you this was a bag-heavy list. The thing I like about this bag is the durability and price, and it's why I want more. First, it's made of Jute and at $32.00 with free monogramming, it's an awesome work bag. I find that when digging for fabric samples and things like that, a bag that stays open and is flat bottomed is essential. This isn't the style monogramming that I chose, but there are some 14 styles to pick from.
The last bag on the list, and yet, a commonality: it's expandable. I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something and my body is trying to say that it's sick of carrying multiple bags when one that fits all needs is available. This one is from J Crew and is gorgeous. Again, the cross body/shoulder strap option, but I think it's so relevant for people who do a lot of schlepping, and I am practically a professional schlepper.

Madewell for Shopbop's line combines the two best things: affordability and up-market styling. The rhinestones encircling the neck make for the perfect kicked-up sweater. This is something that works for the office as well as wearing out at night and for me, that's the perfect item to have handy. And it's warm and cozy for $118.

That's it for now, although I could have gone on. Hope you all have a merry (and plentiful) holiday season. -- Snobertson

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings

We are lucky to have an incredible store in the Georgetown District of Seattle. Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings, formerly Great Stuff. This shop is a literal treasure trove of perfect imperfections.

Kirk and Steve travel the world looking for salvage pieces or unique finds that are incredible as is or can be re-purposed into something else. These guys have the vision to take someone else's trash and turn it into an incredible statement piece. Inventory changes weekly and they have customers all over the U.S. In fact, hotels and retailers love them for their incredible eye. You will fall in love with something in the store - guaranteed. The stories alone of where the item came from will make you want to do your part and save a little piece of history.

Here is what the store looks like now. Sometimes it's more contemporary/industrial and other times you may stubble upon something more french. I'm still dying over a 14 foot long pine dining table they had a year ago.... ( I know a few other people are too)

If you don't live in Seattle, you're in luck as they are on 1st Dibs.

This chandelier would be incredible in a kitchen or breakfast area.

Dying over this Japanese Lacquered Pagoda Chandelier.

This urn took my breath away. To add to the pain, I'm always a sucker for orchids.

Recognize these chairs? If you loved mine, you can buy these beauties.

This carved bull is incredible. The lamps were originally part of an old column. The cabinet behind the bull is insane. I think it may have come out of a school. (sorry, if I'm wrong guys - I couldn't keep all the stories straight) Nonetheless, it is gorgeous and would be incredible in a mudroom or laundry room. Or, hello mid-century modern living room.

They always have incredible original art showcased as well.

Loved this oil painting as well. Wish I had a place for it in my house.

This piece made me weak in the knees. Of course it wasn't built to house wine. Probably hardware in someones shop. However it makes the perfect wine cellar.

They always have fun, funky signs and whimsical decorative objects.

Love the crows. My client walked out with this table. It's new home will be in her pantry. The perfect working and storage table.

These lights would be fabulous next to a bed, fireplace, or in an entry. So unique yet timeless. There are two...better hurry.

So, next time you need a unique statement piece, check out Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings at or

Can't wait to see what you find next guys!
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