Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Blogger's Christmas Wish

My Favorite city in the world, covered in Christmas snow this year.

The holiday rush is winding down and I'm about to settle in to three solid days of Christmas. I say three, because like all modern families, it's a marathon of travel, dinners, present opening at every occasion (what happened to that little window of excitement on Christmas morning?) and lots of cooking. Before I do that, I'm wrapping up things for clients at the office and then jumping straight in to wrapping all these presents I just (now) bought!

Although it's not over, 2010 has been an exciting year and I've really found a great amount of enjoyment from blogging, and for that matter, the blogs that I read every morning while I sip coffee and try to psych myself up for the day. Isn't blogging and the community it creates fantastic? So much great stuff out there and all these people bringing it to our fingertips.

But this Christmas, I'm wondering if you readers can help grant me a Christmas wish? It can get a little lonely on this side of the computer, and I would love to know what you want for Christmas this year. As adults, I think the things we want are much more interesting than what we buy for our kids and yet, we don't really talk about it, do we?

So from this blogger to my readers: Would you grant me the Christmas wish of hearing from you? And maybe we can all see what it is that makes us tick and gets us excited? I know you're out there ;)

And now, I'm off to go snuggle with my kids' Christmas present: Our new puppy, earned throughout 2010 and home just in time for the holidays.


Paris Photo Credit: Here


Denise said...

More than anything, I want my sister's kitty, Clancy, not to have cancer. If I get that one wish, I will be a very happy person indeed.

Vickie H. said...

What a gorgeous puppy! My wish for Christmas and every day of the year is for all the stray, abandoned and homeless dogs and cats to find safe and loving homes so we can close all the shelters where so many of them are euthanized every single day. We are in animal rescue and we see no light at the end of this tunnel.
Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family!

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