Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot Off the Sets

I recently heard about a shop in New York that specializes in selling the props from film sets and I had to take a look. The way it works is that after anything from a movie or commercial or similar is shot, set designers often have a lot of stuff that has been barely used and needs to be unloaded. Well, Film Biz Prop Shop gladly takes that product and sells it to the rest of us laymen at a deep discount. New York Magazine featured the shop in a brief blurb and claims that they have inventory as far reaching as Sex and the City 2 and other similar movies. Bingo!

I browsed the online store this morning and found some great deals on some rather cool pieces:

Look familiar? Well the price doesn't: $75 each

Really cool indoor/outdoor end tables. I think they are great and they are $100 for the set.

I feel like something similar to this would have been in "Something's Gotta Give" and at $30 it's gotta be gotten.

This vintage trunk falls into the set category of "artist's loft" on the site, meaning it came from a set that had been made to be an artist's apartment (Don Draper's heroin addicted ex-lover, anyone?) and I think it could be a great coffee table or trunk in the right place. $250

And just a little something shiny - A $25 dollar Swarovski crystal necklace.

I'm really wishing I lived in NY so I could shop this place for clients. But perhaps they ship, and at those prices it would be very, very worth it.

Plus, how great to say that you have something from a movie's set? I have a french settee from the set of "The Italian Job" that I came across one day and I like to imagine Mark Whalberg laying on it in his Calvin Klein's... just for kicks ;)

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