Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hot Pick: Ilee Papergoods

A few years ago, I went to the Sandpoint Craft Fair that happens every year near the University of Washington. Not going to lie, most of the stuff was a bust, but amidst the sea of knitting, I found the proprietor of Ilee Papergoods. I walked away with an armful of letterpress stationary and one of the best letterpress desk calendars that I have ever seen. I've saved mine so that in 7 years (or whenever it is) I can whip it out and enjoy it again. If there was ever a thing to pep up a dreary high-rise office, it was that calendar.

She is selling a set of 6 where you can choose between any six of her 37 designs to create your own custom set for $15. A steal when you think about how much letterpress cards are at stationary shops.

This years calendar -- gorgeous (click to enlarge, really worth it).

I feel like every invitation I get lately is one of those dang evites, which yes, it is super convenient, but sometimes a function needs the build-up of good ol' fashioned invitation. Baby showers and wedding showers should still get invites, and what a great compromise with a fill-in letterpress.

Ilee sells on Etsy and shipping is very reasonable -- do yourself a favor and visit.

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