Wednesday, June 30, 2010


On a recent trip to Bend, Oregon I spotted a chair (you know the ones for the men while they sit and wait) in an apparel store that caught my eye. I'm not much for yellow - but it was not the run of the mill soft, safe yellow you usually see. It was the most beautiful citrine color. Not quite yellow, not quite green - just the perfect fresh color that's exciting and strong yet subtle. So gorgeous and it would work with almost anything. Not to mention that it was a silk/linen blend which can never go wrong in my book.

I couldn't stop thinking about this chair and how I would like to use this color in a bedroom. Then I opened the new House Beautiful and there was the perfect room! The done in a day makeover by designer Amanda Nisbet. So Parisian in it's elegance and simplicity, but a touch of bohemian with the accent fabrics.

I love simplicity and personality of the room, but that headboard made me quiver. Gorgeous, and the perfect complement for that sweet citrine linen french chair.

I've got a few of these french chairs hanging around my storage unit. Who's really for a little hit of citrine in their life. Looks like maybe I am...

Friday, June 18, 2010


I've been running around like a chicken this past month, hence no posts. Last week was especially bad with the end of the school year and 5, yes 5, family birthdays in the same week. In between birthday celebrations, school events and work, I've been scouting for unique finds that I or my clients can't live without.

I grew up being dragged to estate sales and garage sales with my mom. Then I'd watch her work her magic and transform a well worn piece ( junk to most people) into a fabulous family heirloom. I guess you could say finding treasures is in my blood. Now my boys are being dragged along as well. I secretly think they like it even though they whine "not another sale mom. Can't we just go to the park".

Nothing makes me happier than finding something unique and giving it a new life. The problem is, I usually get attached to those pieces. Which is why I now I have huge storage unit full of chairs, tables, end tables, sofas, etc. You name it, I may have it. I especially fall hard for chairs.

Last week, I found 4 great faux bamboo chairs. They took my breath away. All they need is some fabulous new seat cushions and they will be the star of a room. Being as I don't need all these fabulous finds - a friend of mine bought the chairs for her client. I literally had to wipe the tears away as I watched them drive away. Note to self - I need a bigger house.

When one door closes another door opens. The next day, I spotted these hard to find barrel chairs. I can't wait to redo these and find them a new home. That is, if I can part with them.

My attachment problem is job security for the storage unit business.

I can't wait to see what I find next. Coffee, wine and furniture treasures. What more does a girl need?

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