Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrapping Things (and Presents) Up!

2012 is winding down, but it doesn't feel like things have slowed as I get ready to take a break for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. I've mentioned how crazy that stretch of 6 days are before, but it basically consists of Christmas Eve at my house, Christmas day at my parents, another Christmas with my Husband's family who lives out of town and yet another when my dad comes in to town. Then throw in my sister's and my twin nephews' birthdays (who turn 18 this year -- I'm getting very old somehow...) and the week is not a vacation in the most traditional sense.

As I sign off and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, here is what has been going on since my last post:

Upholstery approvals -- this one is in an awesome heavy weave indoor/outdoor fabric (but you'd never know it was tough from the looks of it up close)

 Building houses and enjoying the views during meetings. 

Taking a few minutes to enjoy some lit Glassy Babies on my desk, even if proper votives weren't handy.  

Dogs walking on my coffee table looking for food scraps (someone please give me some sanity).  

Chair score! Set of 4 waiting for a new color and new seat. 

 Kicking off projects...

Wrapping gifts for the holidays... I got the clients done, but my family, not so much...

Dropped off these pillows to a client yesterday, just in time for Christmas.

Flower arranging, then taking a pic in a moving car, in the dark (Hydrangeas, garden roses, green berries).

Fabric arrivals for a very special wing chair in a master bedroom. He gets leather, she gets turquoise prettiness. 

 Fabrics in play for a living room. Not sure who's made the team yet. 

Genius! Silver walnuts! Stealing this for next year. 

Spraying an antique faux bamboo dresser. Hands are speckled black and hair has an interesting texture...

Hoping to settle in for a long winter's nap next week. Best wishes to all and peace on earth, please. 


Monday, December 3, 2012

Back in time for holiday decor...

Radio silence for the last few weeks has been due to this crazy season. It's no surprise I'm sure to hear that this is the busy time in the industry for designers. Everyone comes back from summer rearing to go and there is, of course, the natural push to get things installed before the holidays as much as possible. And if it's not possible, how do we make your home special while you wait?

We've been busy with project installs and orders, but in the meantime there is the tug of two boys on my sleeve to get my own house in gear for Christmas. The lights are up outside thanks to my determined husband, but the Christmas tree went on rain delay last week, so we're anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to get out there and bicker over which tree is "perfect" enough. And since I've talked about my lack of enthusiasm for Halloween, I am proud to tell you that I happily partake in Christmas decor.

Last night, my family got together at my parents' for a birthday dinner and clipped the bailing off their tree. While my tree is limited to 8 feet, their's comes in at awe-inducing 11.5 feet and seeing it pop its Spanx (it's a fitting analogy, don't you think?) got me in the mood for Christmas.

And before I jump in to inspiring Christmas decor, I have to share two links to soups that have warmed me up lately after weekends in the rain while my kid plays hours and hours of Lacrosse. Both are SO easy and delish, and from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook (haven't made a bad recipe yet from it and it's all very "whole" food cooking): French Onion-Style White Bean Soup & Broccoli-Cheddar (or Stilton) Soup.

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