Wednesday, June 30, 2010


On a recent trip to Bend, Oregon I spotted a chair (you know the ones for the men while they sit and wait) in an apparel store that caught my eye. I'm not much for yellow - but it was not the run of the mill soft, safe yellow you usually see. It was the most beautiful citrine color. Not quite yellow, not quite green - just the perfect fresh color that's exciting and strong yet subtle. So gorgeous and it would work with almost anything. Not to mention that it was a silk/linen blend which can never go wrong in my book.

I couldn't stop thinking about this chair and how I would like to use this color in a bedroom. Then I opened the new House Beautiful and there was the perfect room! The done in a day makeover by designer Amanda Nisbet. So Parisian in it's elegance and simplicity, but a touch of bohemian with the accent fabrics.

I love simplicity and personality of the room, but that headboard made me quiver. Gorgeous, and the perfect complement for that sweet citrine linen french chair.

I've got a few of these french chairs hanging around my storage unit. Who's really for a little hit of citrine in their life. Looks like maybe I am...

1 comment:

Karena said...

It really is gorgeous and a beautiful shade in the color palette! Citrine, love it!

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