Thursday, December 16, 2010

Manly Style

I'm a J Crew addict. It's not a secret. If I go into the store, I'm walking out with multiple bags. What can I say? It fits me and the pieces are workhorses. I must also confess that I'm dying to go to New York and see the wedding store. That would be dangerous for me even though I've been married for quite some time. I'm a sucker for weddings and I've made it quite clear to my little sister that when the day comes, a trip to NY for the J. Crew wedding shop is a mandatory.

So I'm adding the New J. Crew Men's shop to my retail bucket list. I'm loving the design almost as much as their clothes. It has the right mix of masculine and modern. Like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles... remember those button-down shirts with the jeans and boots? Yeah you do.

Jake Ryan for 2011 brought to you by Lonny Magazine. Thank you Lonny.

Also the personal home of the brains behind the J.Crew Men's line:

* All images are courtesy of Lonny

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