Friday, December 10, 2010

A Christmas Wishlist

I've asked Snobertson to make a list of her Christmas wishes. She seldom posts anymore, but for a good virtual-shop, I knew she would be up for it...

If there is anything that can get me back in to blogging, it's a look at what would be under the tree if I had my druthers this Christmas. Starting with a classic, this Smythson card case would make me a happy girl. Made of snake-printed leather, the color is amazing and even better, super easy to find in any one of the cavernous bags on my list below.

About two years ago, I purchased the original market tote from Longchamp and I have carried it almost consistently since. Actually, I've worn out the corners, which I need to do something about... But my joy has sprung from the fact that the black and brown combination has been the perfect "grab and go" item because it means no switching between bags depending on the shoes, and in fact, it almost gives license to mix the two even more -- which I love. So this Christmas, I would be elated to add the expandable carry-on to the collection. I do a lot of weekend packing so I'm always hauling some bag with enough items to get me from Friday to Sunday and this would be the champ.

Can you tell I love bags? This Foley + Corinna bag is awesome and such a good basic black with a kick. What I love is that it has the cross body feature along with the handbag and when all is said and done, it's practically perfect in every way.

Has anyone else become a fan of Lands End's new Canvas line? I think they have some great basics and this sweater is a nice update on the cowl neck at an awesome price point of 69.50 it's a great low-priced sweater.
I recently had to get my make-up done and since I am terrible at knowing what to buy or how to do that stuff, I picked up a few tips and recs for colors. I'm a fair-skinned blond and this color of blush from Bobbi Brown made me actually stop and take notice. The color is called "Slopes," as in "I just got off the slopes in Switzerland -- isn't life fabulous?"

I told you this was a bag-heavy list. The thing I like about this bag is the durability and price, and it's why I want more. First, it's made of Jute and at $32.00 with free monogramming, it's an awesome work bag. I find that when digging for fabric samples and things like that, a bag that stays open and is flat bottomed is essential. This isn't the style monogramming that I chose, but there are some 14 styles to pick from.
The last bag on the list, and yet, a commonality: it's expandable. I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something and my body is trying to say that it's sick of carrying multiple bags when one that fits all needs is available. This one is from J Crew and is gorgeous. Again, the cross body/shoulder strap option, but I think it's so relevant for people who do a lot of schlepping, and I am practically a professional schlepper.

Madewell for Shopbop's line combines the two best things: affordability and up-market styling. The rhinestones encircling the neck make for the perfect kicked-up sweater. This is something that works for the office as well as wearing out at night and for me, that's the perfect item to have handy. And it's warm and cozy for $118.

That's it for now, although I could have gone on. Hope you all have a merry (and plentiful) holiday season. -- Snobertson

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