Monday, October 26, 2009

Project Update

After two days of demo, here's where the remodel stands. Lots to do this week as we are attempting to get the new cherry floors down in the entry, bath and staircase.

Family room during. This fireplace surround is being updated with columns, new facade and flat screen so this room becomes usual for today's living. The new white slip covered furniture is being protected from the dust. (Think I may move these out of the room as I'm scared they won't be protected enough)

Entry hallway.

Existing staircase. Say goodbye to this beauty. It's coming down and we are opening it up. It will be a statement staircase when we are done. I'm so excited about this change I can hardly stand it.

Another view of the staircase. The carpet is coming out as well and it will be hardwoods with or without a runner. Decision tbd. This is really going to open up the room since it's the first thing you see when you walk in and it is part of the family room and kitchen.

Powder room. This room is tiny. It had an oversize stock cabinet vanity that made the room feel even smaller. I've been searching for vanities that will give the space more functionality for guests while also opening it up. It's not easy finding a vanity under 30" inches that's white and available in two weeks....
Here are my top two choices as of now.

Kallista Janeway 27". Like the four legged versions so much better, but a good option. Very traditional.

Porcher 27" vanity. A little more Hollywood Glam. Love the chrome legs on this one and the clean silhouette.

The best part of both of these is that the kids step stool can slide under them when not in use to free up the floor space. I can't wait to see the transformation in this room. The homeowners are actually going to want to use it!
Not bad for two days work. I'll keep you updated as we progress. Happy Monday.

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Anonymous said...

I cant WAIT to see what you guys are doing!! The space is going to just look incredible.. so glad you are doing something with that staircase.. keep the pictures coming.

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