Monday, October 5, 2009

Graphic Roman Shade

I'm working on a couple roman shade projects and can't get this room out of my mind. (Wish I could remember where I got the image - sorry that I can't give the designer and/or magazine credit).

I love how the designer created a roman shade using the same fabric or wallpaper as the rest of the room. It's so dramatic yet makes the room feel cohesive. Had the roman shade just been a solid it would have broken the flow of the room and the beautiful graphic element would have been lost. The yellow lamps and yellow hued artwork add the right amount of subtle yet interesting pop.

Love it. Anyone willing to step outside their comfort zone and give this a try?


cotedetexas said...

I do love this, though I'm not usually a high contrast person - but I love this.

Blog Author(s) said...

I like this, but I'll tell ya, it's the lamp stands that have all zazzed.

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