Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Update

Just a quick project update. We are starting to make progress in the construction phase. Bathroom fixtures should arrive the first week of December. Grass cloth has been ordered. Things are starting to take visual shape.

The task at hand is picking the overall paint color for the entire downstairs. Picking paint colors in the Northwest is never easy. Especially neutrals as the tend to go pink or yellow. Unfortunately, I don't like either color. You can see all the paint swatches on the wall. Hopefully a new hybrid color tomorrow will make the final cut.

Here's a quick peek at the progress from the last post.

New staircase minus the slats. They should go in tomorrow.

Fireplace in progress. Still a lot of work to be done but still tons better than it was to begin with. This will become the focus of the family room. Middle compartment houses the T.V. We are going to age the brick white so it has a wonderful patina. No more 80's in this room.

Wainscoting before being primed and painted. Traditional yet casual. You can see the paint swatches above. We are leaning towards the lightest one of the right. Winter Wheat - Benjamin Moore.

I'll continue to update as new progress is made.


Linda in AZ * said...

* CONGRATS! It's really shaping up beautifuly~~~ you must be sooo thrilled!!!

Checked out the Matouk website yesterday~~~ "very promising" )loved the monograms!)... Thanks for the heads up!

Linda in AZ*

Anonymous said...

looks awesome! Its amazing what good floors, some molding and some paint can do to a room. I cant wait for the finished product! jennie in LA

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