Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First, I apologize for being absent from the blog for so long. The holidays just kick me in the butt every year. Add a busy work schedule onto entertaining every night for 4 straight nights (yes, that's how we do holidays in my house - not the one day and it's over method) and I'm a zombie for a couple days.

Enough said. I apologize. Please forgive me. I will try to make my comeback posts worth your time.

I'm working on a project right now that has tight spaces in a bedroom and family room. My solution - create a custom desk in the family room and a custom console in the bedroom. I'm using these two magazine tears as examples. There's nothing some legs and a solid core door can't solve. When their done they will look like custom pieces.

So easy, affordable and usable.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Image courtesy of Coastal Living

I hope you had a wonderful holiday full of family and friends. Mine was crazy but filled with laughter and fun. Onto the next holiday. This time I only have 4 actual Christmases. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

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