Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Finds

If you love Barclay Butera's look but can't afford him (not many of us can) nows your chance to get a little of his look at a fraction of what it would cost.

He just launched an online pillow program. Now you don't need to be part of the trade to purchase from him. While they are still pricey, they are comparable to other decorative pillows sold online through specialty retailers.

They are typical Butera style. Lots of blue, classic stripes and florals. Of course he's also offering my favorite "B" pillow. However, that one will cost you a pretty penny.

Here's a little sample.

Check out his website for the full line of pillows. He's one step closer to being crowned king of the "lifestyle" design world.
Look out Ralph, Barclay's on your heels.

1 comment:

Karena said...

Love these designs. pillows just make the look! (along with great art!

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