Monday, November 9, 2009

Mrs. Howard, Jacksonville store

A friend of mine went to Phoebe Howard's Jacksonville, Florida store and sent me a couple pictures. I can't believe this is a store! I wonder how many people try to hide and spend the night. I think I might be tempted. Visiting one of her stores is on my wish list for 2010.

Enjoy the pictures. Blow them up so you can see the details. Always styled to the "T" without being overdone. Gorgeous Southern simplicity.

P.S. I'll try not to post about Phoebe Howard for a while to give you a break.
P.S.S Okay, so I lied. I just went over to her blog, Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper, and had to share this post. In this before and after post, Mrs. Howard told the homeowner to buy books at Goodwill since her budget was tight. Then she painted the spines a greyish blue with a notched out strie brush. Gorgeous! Wish I had thought of that idea. Unified books make such a statement.

Hope you had a great Monday.

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