Monday, April 16, 2012

Mexico - A little R&R

Sorry for the silence! Spring Break was last week so the boys and I took a little trip to Cabo San Lucas to get some needed sun and relaxation. Unfortunately, my husband had to leave on a shoot (for 3 weeks!) so I took the boys by myself. Luckily, we were staying at the same resort as good friends, so the kids and I had playmates.

I think my kids were just as nervous as me to travel by ourselves... Would we have fun or would I be in need of a perpetual mommy cocktail to make it through the day? Only time would tell...

But once we arrived at the hotel, we found ourselves in the laid back Mexico groove. We were going to have fun, dammit.

And when the resort and beach is as gorgeous as this, it would almost be impossible not to have a great time.

The whole atmosphere was so calming and beautiful. I'm a sucker for Bougainvillea
and Spanish architecture so I was in heaven.

Doesn't hurt that the trees were lit at night with beautiful lanterns.

We even decided to swim with the dolphins. Well, I chickened out and we kissed the dolphins and got to touch their fins (think water petting zoo), as I wasn't quite ready to get into the ocean and let myself be pulled and pushed by a large animal that I couldn't see. Did I mention that I'm afraid of things that live in water? And the ocean? But the boys loved it and we decided we will swim with the dolphins when we go to Hawaii (as long as we can do it in a clear pool). They especially loved that I screamed like a baby when the trainer made me kiss the dolphin!

All in all, we had a great week. We learned a lot about ourselves and made some great memories. Last break before summer vacation, which to me means I have only a few months of peace before full-time kiddos invade my house.

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