Monday, April 23, 2012

Gardens - Green and White

The weather here has been beautiful the last two days so I've been working in the yard.  I like to dig in the dirt and just listen to the sounds of nature as it's very grounding (no pun intended).   After years of purple, pink and blue gardens, I'm loving the idea of an all white and green garden.  It's so peaceful and it really allows you to focus on the architecture of the house.  

But it also satisfies my obsession with Boxwood's and Hydrangeas.  Especially when the Boxwood is used as a hedge surrounding the Hydrangeas.   Now if only I could keep my Hydrangeas white.  My soil likes to turn them blue or pink which drives me crazy.   

 Add some pea gravel and brick and I'm in heaven. 

Heavenly - the Pee Gee Hydrangea tree.  

Crepe Myrtles are my favorite flowering tree.  I tried to plant them in my backyard but unfortunately they don't love the Northwest climate.  I settled for white flowering Cherries instead.  But, someday I will have these babies.  

Climbing roses and vines make me swoon. 

Creeping Fig vines is another great option. 

 This border is divine.  Just wish Hostas and Tulips would flower at the same time at my house.  

Love this Azalea border with Hydrangeas.  This would be the perfect garden for the Northwest.  


The enchanted home said...

I am with you, nothing as gorgeous as a green and white garden. Bought a bunch of white hydrangeas yesterday, though I love them in all colors something about those giant heads in white that makes my heart happy!

Susan said...

What a lovely post! Unfortunately your blue/pink hydrangeas can't be white. The white ones are a different variety - my favorite is Annabelle. Or try oak leaf hydrangeas in a sunny location - they bloom white, but then the blooms turn pink and ivory and brown - perfect for drying!

Inquisitor75 said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I too love the hydrangea and boxwood combination; it would be very appropriate in the mid-Atlantic where I live. I may try that after I revive some older boxwood I recently transplanted in the yard I inherited. I wanted to know more about thh image where you show fig vines.I have never heard of these, but I have a similar side yard and am looking for idea for exterior treatment and landscaping. Are these vines better for masonry or could they deteriorate the brick and mortar? Thanks for the gorgeous photos and ideas

lamb and blonde said...

I always love to see green and white gardens. They are timelessly beautiful and elegant. Thank you for sharing these lovely images!

Unknown said...

Love this post! This garden is my dream. I'm thinking how can I build a garden like this we don't have enough spaces on our house.

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