Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are you kidding me Today Show?

I had to share the disaster I witnessed this morning while watching the Today Show: 

Behold, decals that go over a door that LOOK LIKE SOMETHING ELSE. That is NOT a hallway people. That is a bathroom door with a PICTURE of a hallway...

Don't let your garage doors get jealous -- they can have them too. Through the miracle of oversize printers, you can turn your ugly metal door in to a "beautiful" carriage dooooooor! (I can hear oprah in my head when I say this...)

In need of a vacation? Want to feel like you're driving in to paradise every night? Well how about this bad boy? I'm sure your neighbors will love it too. 

Do you ever feel like your art just isn't working hard enough? It's so lazy on the wall there, just hanging out for your brain's enjoyment. Put it to work by turning it in to a shelf for your drink or potted plant!

What about a 3D experience? You can add things to walls and canvas that poke you. 


 And last but not least, pesky kitchen re-models be damned, we've outsmarted tile by adding stickers to them! I knew my kids were on to something when they defiled my walls and cabinets years ago. Should have marketed it and wound up on the Today Show...

View the whole train wreck here.
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