Thursday, April 11, 2013

Relaxing Guest Rooms

We've been traveling a lot lately, whether for work or various weekend trips thanks to out-of-town weddings (welcome to the 2013 wedding gauntlet). That's meant a lot of time in hotels and the spare rooms of friends and family. I think there was only one weekend of March that I was home? Needless to say, the state of things there is at a standstill despite my need to start some decorating projects.

Being gone got me thinking about what a guest room should feel like. They're often times the rooms that don't get much attention in a home. Maybe it's where the old bed frame goes when someone finally upgrades or the cast-off furniture that has really needed to go, but still seems to be hanging around. I've started to think that a goal for me is to someday have a wonderful guest room -- one that feels as relaxing for a friend as a stay in a hotel.

Phoebe Howard has always been one of my favorite designers when it comes to soothing bedrooms. She just does such a good job at it. These are some of my favorites in a little homage to the guest room a la Ms. Howard.

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