Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best of Affordable Design Week - Area Rugs

Now that you've found that perfect sofa, now it's time to find the perfect affordable rug.

Rugs are difficult to select. First, measure your room. If you don't want to have a custom size made, you have to work within the standard rug sizes of 4x6, 5x8, 6x9, 8x10. If you are working with the standard sizes you want to make sure the rug grounds the furniture in your room. However, all the legs of the furniture DON'T need to be on the rug. That will make things look forced. It's okay to only have the two front legs on the rug. The rug should anchor the room. It's better to have a rug that's big vs. a tiny rug just under the coffee table.

If you are okay have a custom size made (usually in a natural material i.e. sisal, jute, seagrass) you can maximize the layout of the room. Look at keeping it an equal distance from the walls. I like 3- 6" from the wall, some like up to 3 feet. How much hardwood do you want to see? It's up to you. You can also buy a piece of broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpet and have it bound if you are looking for something with better stain resistance.

So - how do you choose what kind of rug is right for you? Evaluate your lifestyle and look at the rooms you're attracted to. Do you gravitate towards the coastal look and like tonal rooms? If so, the sisal/natural rug is for you. Do you like a more layered room and are you worried about wear and tear? If so, traditional persian/oriental or contemporary graphic rugs maybe for you.

How do you make sure all the rooms of the house flow together? Pick a look and use it throughout the house. That doesn't mean that you have to use the same rug in each room. Just something in a similar style. I favor natural rugs as I like the tonal consistency they have from room to room.

So, what are the best affordable rugs out in the market. Here are my picks:

Natural Rugs:
I love the look of sisal, but don't like how it feels on my feet. Get a sample of the rug your going to order to make sure your okay with the texture. I like Jute as it's much softer and easier to clean while still giving me the sisal look. That said, I didn't list any chain stores where the texture of the rug is too hard. If you like the look of sisal/jute but are worried about wear and tear - look at the indoor/outdoor options. I have used those in high traffic areas like the kitchen as they are so easy to clean.

Pottery Barn Jute/Chenille Blend - This will give you the look without the scratch.

Restoration Hardware - Sisal/Wool Blend. Again, it's the softness that counts.

West Elm - Diamond Jute

Dash & Albert - Indoor/Outdoor. This is my favorite indoor/outdoor of all time. Great for a kitchen. Wisteria - Diamond Rug. Pattern without a bold statement.

Custom Sizes:

The best traditional area rugs for the value can be found at Ballard Designs. The colors and quality are incredible. Here are two of my favorites.


Garnet Hill - Fun and whimsical.

Garnet Hill - Tonal floral. A little tradition, a little whimsy.

Garnet Hill - Love the giraffe print. It's the newest take on zebra. It also comes in great colors. The teal and ice are my favorites. (sorry, I couldn't add them to the post)

Dash & Albert by Annie Selkie. Comes in a great colors.

West Elm - Zig Zag Rug. Great for any room in your house.

Pottery Barn - Tonal Coral. Gorgeous.

Garnet Hill

Dash & Albert - Annie Selke. House Beautiful loves this rug.

Ballard Designs

The best stripes are from Dash & Albert. The range of colors and patterns is amazing. The prices will amaze you as well.

How cute would this be in a girls room?

Hope you enjoyed my selections.
Have a great day.


Will said...

Wow, some really nice Area Rug designs on this site. Thanks a lot!

Trove Interiors said...

Thanks! Glad you liked them.

Unknown said...

I really like Ballard Designs too. They have quality area rugs and I use their rugs in my every room.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Spacify has a collection of Area Rugs with an array of modern designs. Each has its own great look that will find a way to enhance your home.

beds said...

I was looking for some good broadloom rugs and I found good alternatives here. Thanks a lot.

- Herman Swan

outdoor area rugs said...

These are nice area rugs. I am impressed with the colors and designs.

Unknown said...

When choosing the best area rug for your house, you should take note on how would you like to use it. If you want to just walk on it, then anything will do, but if you want to rest your back on it, you should go for something soft. Another thing is to go for eco-friendly ones, and something easy for carpet cleaning. In Tampa, Florida, I have a lot of rugs in rotation to keep them fresh and equally used.

I also have a friend who has a huge dilemma. When her son stained the carpet, the stain won't come off. When all hope is lost (and by the time I've conveniently arrived), I recommended her the Clearwater carpet cleaning service that helped my old problem on stains.

area rugs said...

Area rugs are great for defining spaces in your room. It adds a air of sophistication and art to your spaces.

Laurie Sanderz said...

Nicely said.. :)Appreciate.will help up a lot in need.Thanks for the post.
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