Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Fall: Project Update

Oh man, I've really gone dark lately -- my last post was on the 4th?! Where did September go?!

I've been neglecting the blog lately because true to form, the fall seems to be my busy season. Kids are back in school, people are back from vacation and perhaps the biggest thing: they are nesting and prepping for the holidays.

We kicked off a project in Queen Anne with a very short timeline and in just one month my client moves in. Between now and then we are giving the kitchen a facelift (a dramatic one -- like Joan Rivers-style), staining the floors, re-doing both fireplaces, all main floor lighting, changing the entry and beginning the first stages of furnishings.

And here is the direction we are going -- These are some of my inspiration images that we've been referencing:

But first, this is what we're workin' with. These are the listing photos (not my client's furnishings) and it's a beautiful house that was unfortunately the victim of a Home Depot flip at some point. Out most of those windows are stunning views of Magnolia and the Puget Sound. To die for.

I'm so excited to be working on this project, as it will be a great example of realizing a home's true potential.

Stay tuned!

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