Monday, March 29, 2010

Modern Coastal

I love this modern Pacific Palisades beach house that was featured in Coastal Living.  The family has six kids,  yes six, so the house has to be very durable. But, designer Maya Williams shows us how durable can still mean beautiful and modern.    

Hello gorgeous dining room.  Those bamboo chairs with the white x-base table are so airy and peaceful. Spills are easy to clean up in this room.  

This is the room that stopped my flipping fingers.  White high gloss polyurethane floors - the same material used on basketball courts.  It makes the whole space so light and airy. Plus, when the sun streams through you won't see all the dust bunnies.   But I love, love, love the marine blue runner on the stairs. This is the perfect balance to the white floors and won't show any dirt or juice stains.  Brilliant.  I also love the whimsy of the faux bois table against the pinstriped wallpaper. 

Very casual and relaxing living room.  Great driftwood table paired with a clean modern sofa and neutral silk rug. Not super kid friendly - but every house needs at least one room that's off limits to the kids.  Otherwise, where are you going to hide. 

The master bedroom.  The bed extends beyond the mattress to hug the bedside tables.  It extends almost 17 feet. Definitely creates impact and high drama without a lot of visual clutter. 

Another view of the master bedroom. Love the Oly chandelier and simple fireplace with the beach inspired grass cloth walls.   What a peaceful retreat away from all the kids!  

The other side of the bedroom.  I like how Maya infused the blue palette from downstairs into the room with the floral drapes.  I also like that they didn't install carpet in the upstairs - they continued the white wood floors.   

Now this is a modern, coastal retreat.  Well done Maya. 


Alicia said...

I drooled over this house when I saw it too!

red ticking said...

sooo pretty... and i love your blog.. so happy to have found you. xx

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