Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Crushing Hard

on Suzanne Kasler. I know I'm not alone in this, since loving her is as unique as saying I think George Clooney is the bee's knees. But, I am what I am, and what I know is that her rooms make me want to crawl right in to that photo. A friend lent me her copy of "Inspired Interiors" and after I promised not to let anything spill on it, I've been pouring through the pages.

What makes me love her is the restraint with colors and how conscious every decision of her's is -- It really feels like every piece is there for a reason, while still being traditional and warm and refined. None of that "don't you want to curl up on this 2x4 and watch a movie" thing, because I'm convinced people really don't LIVE in some of those rooms we see in the contemporary magazines. I'm all for layered rooms (it's usually what I live and breathe by), but the restraint that Kasler has is like a big sigh of "ahhhhh".

Those stairs just make me want to cry, they are so gorgeous.

Seriously. Beautiful. Kitchen.

I've got a thing for bookcases and these are the design equivalent of the aforementioned George Clooney on Oscar Night (Sans Italian girl with the armband tattoo)

I mean really, that sofa and seating area combined with the bed is out of this world.

*All photos courtesy of Inspired Interiors, Suzanne Kasler, (c) 2009

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