Friday, April 15, 2011

I've finally found "the one"

Remember when I used to do "good finds" on Fridays? Well, I thought I'd lean back in to it and right now, there is one thing in particular that is rocking my world. I've finally found the best mascara.

For years I have struggled with mascara ending up under my eyes mid-way through the day. Every brand I tried, it never helped. I wore waterproof and it crumbled, water-resistant and it gave me raccoon eyes almost instantaneously. Only made worse by the fact that I am super lazy about properly taking it off, so the waterproof mascara was caking up for days.

Enter Trish McEvoy's mascara. It's totally different and took some getting used to, but it's the kind that comes off in "tubes" with just my face wash and doesn't crumble off during the day because of it's crazy mascara voodoo-technology. I LOVE IT -- anything that makes me look a little less tired is tops in my book.

It's a good find.

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