Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Guide: For Her... or Me

Yet another guide from a blogger, but it's become one of my favorite parts of the holidays -- seeing what everyone puts together from around the internet. And it might just have the convenient side effect of making me digest all my thoughts about what I've seen lately. I have the bad habit of getting brief fleeting moments of "Ohh, I love that," and then just as quickly as it came in to my head, poof, it's gone. And you would be lucky to get more than a blank stare from me if asked what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday. But, these are a few things that have caught my eye for ladies lately.

While this first thing isn't specifically for ladies, I think it's tops on my list. My older sister brought hers to Thanksgiving (it was an early birthday gift from her husband, but seeing as how the box is marked KINDLE FIRE on the outside, there was no way of concealing it's contents, shoppers beware). The price point ($199) is amazing and as Amazon is my go-to for everything, it makes way more sense to me to have a tablet like this than an ipad, especially since it can run Flash (major downside to the ipad... gotta say).

I've really been loving the versatility of an oversized clutch, I think it's so easy to throw it in another bag if you need to, and then take it out to dinner or whereever you need to look a little polished. This one from nordstrom is a good buy and much like my obsession with it in interiors, the python makes me love it here, too.

Shopbop has some incredible stuff right now, but these pyrite studs caught my eye. They measure in at an inch long, so we're not talking "daytime earring" for many people (although, I do wish there were smaller so they could be) but can you imagine how striking and unusual they would be on someone? And for the bold, daytime would be so pretty. I think they're a great price too, in comparison to other earrings of the same size and impact: 197.50.

And I had to throw these in because they are insane, but I think it's an error on Shopbop's site because the photo doesn't match the description for these earrings, so it's tease! But how incredible are these little Chanel studs? I love them, and I think I would never take them off.

And because clearly I'm in a jewelry state of mind -- this set of stackable rings from Micheal Kors is a knock-out and looks truly high end. It looks like the sizes are being snapped up quickly, which might end up being the downside.

And lastly, I love the idea of a case of wine for a gift. I think it's totally indulgent and something a woman rarely does for themselves unless they are in a vacation state of mind (you know it's happened to you at some tasting somewhere -- all of a sudden you're buying the farm and you have no idea how to get it all home) but sometimes there is a really yummy value wine that would make the perfect luxury gift and a great wine to pull out for the day-to-day, no guilt! These two are favorites and aren't in shops all the time, so it's a bit more special than a trip to TJ's, but still deals. Segura Viudas Brut Rose is light and summery, Carpineto's Dogajolo (cab-sangiovese) is perfect for winter carbs and is so drinkable, after ordering it at a restaurant, I love it.

More to come with gifts for the home and maybe more for me or her as I stumble upon them...

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