Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Barbara Westbrook's Office

I've always dreamed of having my office space in a cottage. Barbara Westbrook's office in Atlanta makes me wish there were more spaces like this in Seattle. It represents her aesthetic
and would make going to work a dream.

The exterior is so charming yet polished.

And the entry so welcoming.

The lovely communal workspace for the four employees. All white and seagrass are the perfect background to soothe the designers daily visual overdose.

The work area with all the memos and samples. This is my idea of heaven. Throw in a baguette and some wine and I'd never want to leave.

Barbara at her workspace. I love that she's still in the middle of the action but that she has her own worktable. I like stuff and I like action - this would be the perfect setup for me. Check out the antique French window that separates the main workspace with the conference room. Gorgeous.

The conference room with the amazing window into the workspace. It's such a relaxing setting for a client meeting.

The office kitchen and powder room. Simple and classic. I bet no ones allowed to cook fish in this microwave (if you've worked in a corporate office you know what I'm talking about)

I hope they love working there as much as I would. Thanks Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles for featuring the space.

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