Monday, January 9, 2012


As I was watching the BCS Championship game tonight with my boys, I found myself flipping through this months issue of Veranda (the score was 15-0 so you have to give me a break). Tonight a Windsor Smith great room stopped me in my tracks. The grass cloth walls, black windows, mirror, and the white Moroccan coffee table. BUT, that camel back sofa had me swooning. The turquoise antique textile is so fun and vibrant yet so soothing at the same time. And on a camel back sofa no less. The sofa that's usually associated with an old stale room or your grandparents house. The print and color draws me in and makes me want to retire to this room on any given night. Even to watch a football game.

Then I remembered seeing the sofa and coffee table in a previous room of her house that was featured in House Beautiful. The infamous pink room in fact where they were secondary elements to the pink walls and yellow chairs. It was not my favorite as there were too many elements for my eye to absorb.

Just goes to show you that even with the same elements two rooms can be so drastically different- even from the same designer. But, it also confirms my belief that great furniture can be versatile and can move from room to room depending on your needs and your vision for the time. If you love it, you will have it forever and it's worth the investment. So go pick up that camel back sofa you've seen at the neighborhood antique store and reinvent it with a fun vibrant fabric (or if you are less daring a timeless white denim) a la Windsor Smith.

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