Monday, October 8, 2012

Work in Progress

We've opened up the wall on the Queen Anne house and it sure is dramatic. My client had one request when we started: she wanted to be able to see what has happening in the combined dining/living when she was in the kitchen, and well, this sure accomplishes it. As you can see, you always get a surprise when you open up a wall and if you look closely, boom, plumbing from the upstairs. This has been re-routed and the lovely chandelier has been moved and taken down (and not a moment too soon).

We are prepping for a new upper that will help fill this space. The goal is to make the pass-through look as high-end as possible, so we've spent many hours planning this one out. 

As evidenced by the piles on my desk of drawings and fabric. Fixtures will be here this week and we're templating the marble just in time. 

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