Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working. And More Working!

Serious progress is happening at the house I mentioned in an earlier post. So much has been happening that it's kind of crazy here, but I have managed to get a few photos. I'm pretty bad about keeping the blog up to date on my projects, but I'm considering this to be an early New Year's resolution (before you laugh people, we are staring down the barrel of NOVEMBER).

If you follow the me on instagram (@troveinteriors), you might have seen a picture of one of my boards before we went in to a huge presentation last week. This was just one of multiple rooms:

The custom entry bench is built and awaiting inset drawers. Such a great use of space for this little niche and the drawers will hold shoes, hats, gloves & what-have-yous:

All the new marble was installed last week which was huge. HUGE. Our trades really busted it to get in the counters and fireplaces. Literally, our amazing partners picked up the stone, we met them there to template at the yard(!), they drove it to their shop and 24 hours later we were installing. Unheard of. Did I mention this was a tight timeline, oh yeah, I did.  This surround was cut from the same portion of stone so the veining is continuous and stays true to the slabs natural pattern. And it has the prettiest creme color with a subtle"leathered" texture:

Also working on a little girls bedroom. These are two of the schemes that I quickly snapped a picture of on the floor:

Scouting at the Seattle Design Center I found these amazing faux bamboo chairs with leopard seats. They are perfect as-is and the bamboo is thicker than I usually see on this style of chairs making them a little heartier and unique. Love them:

No judgement as I'm sharing work-in-progress photos of the living room fireplace. We were dealing with an existing box and hearth sizes so we have some more work to do on the finishing touches to make everything come together perfectly. But from design drawing to reality, here we go:

Lastly, remember the pass-through? The cabinet box is in and the millwork is completed. The kitchen side needs more explaining, but I'll share that when we get things painted. As my contractor said "Sure took a lot of detail work, but it sure looks nice." Gotta love a guy who thinks about the small stuff with us:

That's all for now, keep on keepin' on is the motto around here.

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Barbara@HausDesign said...

Beautiful progress - looking forward to seeing more. I also love that cognac leather ottoman on your board - wow!

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