Thursday, May 9, 2013

Skirted Tables In Action

I've been slowly assembling my own house lately and with that comes scavenging for any photos that serve as useful inspiration. One of the things I love about my house is that it is small. And naturally the thing that also gives me the greatest frustration is that I'm fighting the limitations of space -- especially when it's my natural inclination to fill it up with STUFF. Isn't that what lovers of furniture and fabric need to do? 

I've been slowly assembling the sitting area of my little space and with getting closer to being "done" with that, I've been able to tackle the dining area bit by bit. Last weekend, I began sewing the fabric for what will be a skirted table with eventually, multiple options of dress. 

To fill you in on what I'm working with, my "dining" are and living room are one combined space, and truthfully, I'm being ambitious with cramming a dining table in. SO. Our solution? A skirted table that functions more as a place to set up my computer if I'm working from home or stack some books like a library table. Chairs around it all the time is just too much for the room, so those have a life in other places when not occupied... 

For now, I've started with a light brown and white ticking stripe. It's neutral while still bringing in some pattern and let's face it, the price was right. I needed seven yards and when I'm done I'll add some frogs like  the photo above (but farther down) so that it has a tailored look. I'm not into ruffles and folds for my own home, although it can be beuatiful. 

When I've got that skirt fully crossed off my list, I'm moving on to a cream linen (stain treated) that will get a Greek Key border. I love the option of changing out the two and I love how different they are.

In the process of narrowing down my options though, I'm always considering skirts like these:

This one is so simple, I love it. And it was the inspiration for how I'd like to use the table in more ways than just a place to host friends.

And a note about the actual table: Being hard to please, I took to my dad's woodshop and made it. I've made a few furniture pieces by now when I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Or when what I'm looking for is WAY out of my price range. For this table, I didn't want a standard round with leaves as my oval because I needed the gentle curve and immediate curve of an ellipse (to maximize space), rather than the straight sides that come with the former option. I also wanted the legs in very specific places so they didn't interfere with seating 6 people. While I'm not crazy about maple veneered plywood, it makes a great base for the table:

It's never a quick process when you're working on you own house -- all the options and lack of time, but slowly I'm getting things together. First dinner party is looming and sitting in front of these windows with a view to Lake Union is really wonderful now that it's sunny.

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