Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter in the Northwest is always an interesting proposition.   It's usually raining non-stop. Today it's been raining all day.  My kids did their easter egg hunt in the pouring...and I mean pouring rain.   I had on a 0 degree down parka and rubber wellies and I was soaked to the bone. My sister said I was dressed for winter in Alaska, not Seattle in the Spring.  But then again, Spring in Seattle means the occasional beautiful day to make you think you've finally made it through the winter and then the rain begins again and lasts until the 4th of July.

My little sister "Smidge" is the baker of the family.  I've always told her that she should be a pastry chef as it so natural for her.  She can just whip up the most incredible restaurant worthy dessert on a whim.  Well, she's in Spain right now, so the task of dessert fell to me.   Now,  I can make chocolate chip cookies (following the Tollhouse recipe), cakes ( from a box) and fruit crips... but that's about all.   For today's celebration I made the cake (from a box), but made the frosting from stratch... which was a huge event in my house.  My oldest son asked me what I was doing and had the most surprised look on his face when he saw that I didn't open a tub of frosting.   He insisted on decorating the cake.  You can see that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. You'll notice that he didn't use any black or green jelly beans!  

So this one's for you "Smidge"!  Sorry it's not as pretty as what you would have done.  

Happy Easter! 

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