Friday, June 5, 2009

To Family Photo or Not To Family Photo?

That is the question of the day. How do you display your family photos in a beautiful, elegant and personal way in your house?

There are many thoughts on this subject. Some say that family photos should be in non-public areas of the house. Which means they are off limits in the living room, dining room, family room and kitchen. However, some also say that they shouldn't be in private areas of the house like your bedroom as well. What is a homeowner to do?

I believe your treasured family photos can be in any room of your house as long as you make a statement with them. That means a couple things:

1) Pick a frame color and style. The key is to keep the frame style consistent. If you want to mix it up, you can mix together black and white frames, or gold and silver frames, as long as they are the same frame style.

2) Can you vary the size of the frames? Yes, but only if it takes up most of the wall. Varied size frames look best on walls with angles like a staircase. Arrange them in a staggered pattern that follows the angle of the wall. Remember to allow breathing room between the frames. The size of the breathing room is up to you.

3) Pick a focus wall and use the entire space to make a statement. Nothing looks worse than a bunch of little picture frames on a large wall. I love a collection of photos in all one size frame with a large mat. You photos are transformed into artwork.

4) Black and white. If your photos are color, convert them to black and white to unify the space. It's especially important if you are varying your frame sizes and colors.

If you make a statement with your photos, you can hang them in any room you want.


Heather van Breda said...

I love the last wall photo arrangement. And I'm all for family photos in the public space, I love looking at photos when I visit someone's home.

Blog Author(s) said...

Love the couch, FANTASTIC!
Whose is it ?

Trove Interiors said...

The sofa is Mousson by Christian Liaigre - Available through Holly Hunt NY 212-755-6555

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